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Bill Fawcett

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Bill Fawcett

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Full Name: Bill Fawcett
Born: January 1, 1947
Occupation: editor, game designer, author
Nationality: American


Bill Fawcett is an American editor, anthologist, game designer, book packager, author, and historian.

Fawcett is married to Jody Lynn Nye.

Bill Fawcett was one of the players in early Dungeons & Dragons games being played in the Chicago and Milwaukee areas, using photocopied prototypes of the rules handed out by Gary Gygax. Darwin Bromley brought Fawcett on as a partner in Mayfair Games soon after the company was formed in 1980, and together they designed the game Empire Builder (1980).[ As a veteran role-playing gamer, Fawcett decided to get Mayfair into the RPG field, and the company kicked off its Role Aids game line with Beastmaker Mountain (1982). As a result of their connections with Mayfair, FASA was able to get a license to publish adventures (1982–1984) for Chaosium's Thieves' World role-playing game thanks to Fawcett's friendships with Robert Asprin and Lynn Abbey. Fawcett and Jordan Weisman designed the robot arena fighting game Combots (1983) for FASA.

Fawcett produced the Crossroads books (1987–1988), a set of licensed gamebooks published by Tor.[1]:167 He edited the book The War Years 1: The Far Stars War (1990). With David Drake, he co-edited Battlestation, Book One (1992), and Battlestation, Book Two: Vanguard (1993). As a book packager, Fawcett arranged a deal between Wizards of the Coast and HarperCollins to publish novels set in Magic's multiverse of Dominia; the first of these was Arena (1994).

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