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Graham Edwards

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Graham Edwards

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Full Name: Graham Edwards
Born: Glastonbury Tor
Occupation: Writer
Nationality: English


Graham Edwards was born in England near Glastonbury Tor and now lives in Nottingham (not such a big leap from King Arthur to Robin Hood). His formative years were spent on the UK’s Jurassic Coast making disturbing movies on Super-8 film. Since then he’s worked as a graphic designer and animator. He’s also written and produced multimedia shows for theme parks and visitor centres.

Graham’s first novel Dragoncharm was inspired by Watership Down – if Richard Adams could write an epic adventure about rabbits, why not do the same for dragons? His later novels include Stone & Sky, in which he explored the dizzying heights of a world-sized wall, travelled in time and played with fairies.

There’s short fiction in the form of The String City Mysteries, a series of ebooks about a detective working in a town where the dimensions are really messed-up. Graham’s also ghostwritten several books in collaboration with book packagers Working Partners.

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