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Katherine Neville

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Katherine Neville

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Full Name: Katherine Neville
Born: April 4, 1945
St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Occupation: Writer, International Consultant
Nationality: American


Katherine Neville is an American author who writes adventure novels. Her novels include The Eight, A Calculated Risk, and The Magic Circle. In 2008, she released The Fire, the sequel to The Eight.

Katherine Neville was born in St. Louis, Missouri. After college, she moved to New York City and began a career in the computer field.

In the 1970s, Neville was an international consultant to the Algerian government, and in the late 1970s, she went to work at the Department of Energy's nuclear research site in Idaho. In between jobs and during school, she supported herself as a portrait painter and a model. These side jobs lead to her developing her own photography skills and eventually starting a photography business, which she ran for several years.

In 1980, she moved to San Francisco and eventually became a vice president at Bank of America.

After living in Europe for some time, Neville now resides in Washington, D.C. The neuroscientist Karl H. Pribram is her significant other.

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 The Montglane Service

 1. (1989)
 2. (2008)


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