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Octavia Cade

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Octavia Cade

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Full Name: Octavia Jane Cade
Occupation: scientist, writer


My name's Octavia Cade. I have a PhD in science communication, and I'm currently researching seagrass restoration, focusing on the New Zealand species Zostera muelleri.

I'm also a writer--you can read my stories at Strange Horizons, Cosmos, and a number of other places. I mostly write short SFF. If you're looking for something of mine to read, I reckon the best thing I've ever done is a short (free!) novel called The August Birds, wherein science history gets mixed up with speculative fiction.

I also do a lot of tramping, and most of the time I manage not to injure myself. My dream is to one day complete Te Araroa, a walking trail that goes the entire length of NZ. I've done bits and pieces of it, and it'll probably take me another ten years, but one day--one day dammit!--I will finish the thing.

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