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Dario Ciriello

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Dario Ciriello

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Full Name: Dario Ciriello
Born: London, England, UK
Occupation: Editor


I was born in London, England, at exactly nine p.m. on a Tuesday. The gypsy screamed and threw up her hands in horror. There was a plague that year, and Farmer Tom's cow gave birth to a three-headed calf. Comets blazed through the summer night. There were other portents too, which I am too modest to mention.

Since 1989, I've lived in California, North Carolina, a tiny Greek island, and now live in the San Francisco Bay Area with my brilliant and patient, wife, Linda.

I love good food and strong coffee. I like physical work. I need problems to solve and envelopes to push. I'm a very lazy person who's too driven to indulge his sloth. I like people to have depth and complexity, like wines. I love the arts. I play guitar. I listen to late 50's R&B, rockabilly and doo-wop, 50's-60's progressive jazz, the Russian classical composers, Portuguese fado, and a lot of other music besides. I enjoy hiking and wilderness backpacking; when the weather co-operates, my wife and I go wakeboarding with friends. We both love to travel.

I abhor politics and the way polarized thinking, along with the stranglehold of the media and the legal establishment, is poisoning society. I'm a pragmatist who sees reality as too complex for simplistic solutions, and who considers issues on their own merits. I believe our species is probably doomed, and that given our collective inability to do better, we fully deserve to become extinct. Until then, I'd settle for a world free of television, sport and arachnids. I'm probably an agnostic of some kind, and certainly an aesthete. I believe we should encourage individual responsibility rather than reward whining. I'm generally good-natured and kind to both people and cats. I love my friends and hate my enemies.

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