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Maggie Schein

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Maggie Schein

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Full Name: Maggie Schein
Born: Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Nationality: American


Maggie Schein was born in Atlanta, GA, finished high school and college in NY and then moved to Chicago for graduate school, where she earned her doctorate from The University of Chicago's Committee on Social Thought with a dissertation on the anatomy of cruelty and human perception of nature, titled "Cruelty: On the Limits of Humanity." In both Atlanta and New York, Maggie pursued the life of a professional ballet dancer, where she devoured the world in which bodies are teased, seduced, and coordinated to make the shapes of music.

When she left that world, she attempted to balance a life of the mind with martial arts practice, where she was invited into a more in depth study of Taoist and Buddhist texts, philosophies, and practices. She became enamored with new geometries to the questions about life, nature, and death that had been making tracks in her soul since her birth, and it felt, in reading some of those texts, as well as the work of naturalists and Native American writers, that she had come back to a native tongue she had forgotten she spoke. With each career path and endeavor, she seeks (sometimes with a desperate passion, sometimes with a tentative curiosity, and very rarely with calm presentness), modes of being and perceiving in which the ordinary exudes elusive and incandescent magic, in which magic is ordinary, and in which the integration of all perceptions leads to the ecstatic clarity of each.

She currently lives in Beaufort, SC, where each day the incense from tea olive bushes in other people's yards, salted winds from the ocean, seasoned wafts from the marsh and the primal composting of soil raises her head in wonder. She lives with her motely menagerie of 2 and ¾ rescued pit bulls (one has 3 legs), 3 cats, the occasional drop-in owl, orphaned raccoon, or lost dog, and her beloved soul-mate.

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