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Narrelle M. Harris

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Narrelle M. Harris

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Full Name: Narrelle M. Harris
Born: Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia
Nationality: Australian


I was born in Newcastle, Australia and proceeded to move every few years until most of my friends thought I was on a Witness Protection program. My itinerancy included three years abroad, teaching English in Egypt and Poland. These days, besides creating works of fiction, I am a business writer, creating all manner of documents from brochures and websites to advocacy and educational materials.

I have been writing almost since I could hold a crayon, but spent too many years working for financial institutions as a bank teller. I have also been a playwright, songwriter, actress, editor, public servant, kitchen hand and - once only - a very bad telemarketer.

I now live in the marvellous town of Melbourne with my husband , Tim Richards (a travel writer and author of Mind the Gap which has a little crossover with The Opposite of Life, and We Have Here the Homicide: A Travel Writer's Strange Affair With Poland, a collection of his published travel articles about Poland). We are benignly governed by our cat, Petra (who hasn't written anything... yet).

Works in the WWEnd Database

 Twelve Planets

 5. (2012)


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