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Lee Goodloe

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Lee Goodloe

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Full Name: Lee Goodloe
Occupation: Geologist, Academic, Author
Nationality: American


Pen-name of Stephen L. Gillett, who received a B.S. in geology from Caltech in 1975 and his Ph.D., also in geology, from the State University of New York at Stony Brook in 1981. While working for a small geophysical company in the early 1980s, he co-developed a technique for orienting drillcore using paleomagnetism, and it has subsequently become a standard technique in oil exploration and development. With his long-standing interest in resource issues, Gillett has in recent years focused his research interest on nanotechnology because of its potential to render utterly obsolete all conventional paradigms about resources.

Gillett has also written many popular science articles. He now lives in Carson City, Nevada, with his wife Joyce (a veterinarian), their son Travis, and a cat and Australian shepherd. His hobbies include outdoor activities such as camping and hiking, model rocketry (with Travis!), and ragtime piano.

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