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Elisabeth Vonarburg

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Elisabeth Vonarburg

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Full Name: Elisabeth Vonarburg
Born: August 5, 1947
Paris, France
Occupation: Writer
Nationality: French Canadian


Élisabeth Vonarburg (born 5 August 1947) is a science fiction writer. She was born in Paris (France) and has lived in Chicoutimi (now Saguenay), Quebec, Canada since 1973. From 1979 to 1990 she was the literary director of the French-Canadian science fiction magazine Solaris. Her first novel, Le Silence de la Cité (The Silence in the City), appeared in 1981. She has received several awards, including "Le Grand Prix de la SF française" in 1982 and a Philip K. Dick Award special citation in 1992 for In the Mothers' Land the English version of Chroniques du pays des mères. She is the author of Cycle de Tyranaël.

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