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Anne Leinonen

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Anne Leinonen

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Full Name: Anne Leinonen
Born: January 1, 1973
Occupation: Author, Editor
Nationality: Finnish


Anne Leinonen is a writer who lives in the countryside with bats, glow-worms, and her family. She writes speculative stories, in which she is particularly interested in "weirding" the everyday and recycling folklore. She has published numerous books with co-authors as well as works of her own.

She has won the esteemed Atorox award three times and she and co-author Eija Lappalainen have been nominated for the Finlandia Junior and Tähtivaeltaja awards for the novel Routasisarukset [Children of the Frost] (2011). The short story collection Kuulen laulun kaukaisen [I Can Hear a Distant Song] (2011), co-authored by Leinonen and Petri Laine, was also nominated for the Tähtivaeltaja award.

She has written critically acclaimed science fiction novels, including Viivamaalari [The Line Painter] (2013) and Ilottomien ihmisten kylä [The Village] (2014). Her latest novel, Vaskinainen [The Brass Woman], was published in 2015 and mixes Finnish and international myths. In addition to young adult and adult prose, Leinonen has expanded her work into radio plays and television drama. In addition to her own written work, Leinonen teaches, works as an editor, and organizes gatherings for sf and fantasy writers.

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