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Jougi Shiraishi

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Jougi Shiraishi

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Full Name: Jougi Shiraishi
Occupation: Writer
Nationality: Japanese


A Writer that works in the light novel corner of the four cornered box of Manga, Light novels, Games, and Anime.

His first project, Wandering Witch, was started online using Amazon, where it got noticed by the right People in Japan.

His first request to the anime adaptation team for Wandering Witch was: no panty shots. He wanted a broader demographic for the series.

Works in the WWEnd Database

 Wandering Witch

 1. (2016)
 2. (2016)
 3. (2016)
 4. (2017)
 5. (2017)
 6. (2018)
 7. (2018)
 8. (2018)
 9. (2019)


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