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Greg van Eekhout

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Greg van Eekhout

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Full Name: Greg van Eekhout
Born: Los Angeles, California, USA
Occupation: Writer
Nationality: American


I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, in neighborhoods with hippies, criminals, working people, and movie studios.

Like many writers (and many people who aren't writers, for that matter), I've done a number of things to put food on the table and keep a roof over my head. I've worked as an ice cream scooper (or dipper, as people who sell ice cream are sometimes called), a political fundraiser (or telemarketer), a comic book store clerk, a bookseller, a bookstore assistant manager, an educational multimedia developer, and a college teacher (of English and of multimedia development). Among other things.

I've lived my entire life in the Western half of the United States. I prefer beaches to deserts. I currently live in San Diego.

My parents are Dutch-Indonesian. If you know of a good Indonesian restaurant in San Diego, let me know, eh?

My name last name is pronounced like this: Van, as in the kind of thing you drive, eek, as in, "Eek, killer robots are stomping the rutabagas!" and hout, like "out" with an h in front of it. The emphasis is on the Eek. Say it with me: van EEKhout.

I'm represented by literary agent Caitlin Blasdell of Liza Dawson Associates.

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