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Mike Mignola

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Mike Mignola

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Full Name: Michael Joseph Mignola
Born: September 16, 1960
Berkeley, California
Occupation: Graphic Novelist
Nationality: American


Mike Mignola is best known as the award-winning creator/writer/artist of Hellboy, although he began working as a professional cartoonist in the early 1980s, drawing “a little bit of everything for just about everybody.” He was also a production designer on the Disney film Atlantis: The Lost Empire and visual consultant to Guillermo del Toro on both Blade 2 and the film version of Hellboy. Mignola lives in southern California with his wife, daughter, and cat.

Works in the WWEnd Database

 Non Series Works


 Hellboy: Odd Jobs

 1. (2000)
 2. (2004)
 3. (2008)


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