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Michael J. Martinez

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Michael J. Martinez

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Full Name: Michael J Martinez
Occupation: Writer


Michael J. Martinez has spent 20 years in journalism and communications writing other people's stories. A few years ago, in a moment of blinding hubris, he thought he'd try to write one of his own. So far, it's working out far better than he expected.

Mike currently lives in northern New Jersey with his wonderful wife, amazing daughter and The Best Cat in the World. He's an avid traveler and homebrewer, and since nobody has told him to stop yet, he continues to write fiction. He is a proud member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.

Works in the WWEnd Database

 The Daedalus Series

 1. (2013)
 2. (2014)
 3. (2015)

 MJ-12: Majestic-12

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 2. (2017)
 3. (2018)