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Whitley Strieber

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Whitley Strieber

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Full Name: Louis Whitley Strieber
Born: June 13, 1945
San Antonio, Texas, USA
Occupation: writer
Nationality: American


I started my writing career with the Wolfen in 1979. There have followed since over 40 books during a long writing lifetime. My books the Wolfen, the Hunger, Communion and Superstorm have all been made into films (Superstorm as the Day After Tomorrow). My series Alien Hunter was a TV series called Hunters on the SyFy Channel.

In 1985 I had an experience of close encounter that frightened and confused me. I was injured by it but still could not believe that it had been a physical experience. It was just too strange. Still, I was very curious and began going out into the woods at night from our little upstate New York cabin to try to somehow re-engage. This worked, and the rest of my life began. I have become deeply engaged with the entities I call "the visitors" in Communion and my follow-on books, the latest of which is A New World.

In March of 2021, I published Jesus: A New Vision, which is a look at the life of Jesus and what happened afterward. As the scientific evidence that the Turin Shroud really is a very unusual object has grown, it seems to me that a new look at Jesus, seeing him neither as a god distant from us or as an ordinary man was essential to deepening our understanding of what his teaching means, and what his life really was.

I have a big website,, which concentrates on the credible edge of science and reality. It is the home of my podcast, Dreamland and offers extensive social media platforms both for subscribers and non-subscribers.

Some of my books have been eerily predictive. Notable among these are Nature's End, published in 1987, which predicts the California and Amazon fires and warns about drought in the US midwest.

Then there was the Superstorm, which predicted that climate change would be much more sudden and violent than was thought in 1999 when it was published. This has proved to be true.

In 2015, my wife Anne died. Within hours, even before anybody outside of my immediate family knew what had happened, friends began calling to say that they were hearing her tell them to phone me. As this continued, it became all but indisputable to me that she really was still present. Our relationship grew into a book called Afterlife Revolution, which afterlife expert Dr. Gary Schwartz called one of the most convincing stories of afterlife communication ever written. (He wrote a foreword for the book)

In 1970, Anne and I began a meditative practice we learned in the Gurdjieff Foundation in New York. This organization was created by Armenian teacher and philosopher Georges Gurdjieff, and is based on the idea that man is not fully conscious, but that there are methods that can change this.

When the visitors entered my life in 1985, they used the same teaching techniques that I was familiar with from my Gurdjieff Work. So I work with them, also. I have been active in my Foundation work now for more than 50 years, 30 of which I have also worked with the visitors.

Although I am pretty much an outcast and a pariah when it comes to the mainstream, I lead a blessed life and consider myself the luckiest of the lucky.

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