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Scott Nicolay

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Scott Nicolay

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Full Name: Scott Nicolay
Born: April 16, 1963
New Jersey, USA
Occupation: Author, translator, poet
Nationality: American


Over half a century back a child was born amidst the toxic waste dumps and devil haunted swamps of New Jersey... 26 years later that child packed all he could fit in a '72 Dodge Challenger and lit out for the high desert of northwest New Mexico and the Navajo Nation, where if the dogs bark at night it is only the skinwalkers. Along the way he had three children and held jobs including dishwasher, restaurant and hotel cook, factory worker, camera salesman, DJ, security guard, teacher, and a teacher he and his students co-founded the New Mexico Youth Poetry Slam and the National Youth Poetry Slam. As a caver and archaeologist he studied and explored the caves and lava tubes of Belize, Easter Island, and the southwestern U.S. Several years ago he tailed Jack Spicer's Martian to the uncertain boundary between our reality and the cobbly worlds. Now he spends his nights there peering through a grimy window and reports what he sees. Fedogan & Bremer published Ana Kai Tangata, his first book of weird horror tales in 2014.

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