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William Barnwell

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William Barnwell

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Full Name: William Barnwell
Occupation: writer
Nationality: American


William Barnwell is the author of nine novels. Early on, he won prizes in creative writing. He attended undergraduate school in Memphis, Tennessee, working with Jack Farris at Rhodes College, and later teaching with Harry Crews at the University of Florida.

Simon & Schuster bought the paperback rights of his first book, The Blessing Papers, and contracted Barnwell for three more in a science-fantasy series that was well received. His fifth novel, The Scheme-of-the-Month Club, was reviewed as being a comic romp in South Carolina similar to what Carl Hiaasen does in Florida.

His sixth novel, The Dungeon Below Bling-Bling High, is a YA novel about the failure of learning while mired in federal regulations demanding that "excellence" and "high expectations" rise yearly with only a hint to students about what that meant. In addition, a fear of something horrible lurking in the school's basement was pervasive. This was all denied by the school, until a fateful decision was made by a young man who had been threatened by a local gang.

His seventh novel, Death of the Camel's Child, involves the WWI desert legend Lawrence of Arabia, reincarnated as a hardcore villain in our time. But now he is an idiot savant of killing and has a big plan to fulfill like the old Lawrence. What can the hero do when all the oil in the entire Arabian Peninsula is about to be blown up by Lawrence's conspiracy, and he is after the hero to kill him for knowing about his plans and trying to stop them.

He is serializing his eighth novel in eBook form, a science-fantasy novel: I, Lord Several.

He has finished his ninth novel, a PI thriller, The Jubilee Account.

Barnwell is a member of the Authors Guild and the International Thriller Writers group (ITW). More about all of his work and some excerpts can be found at his website:

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 Blessing Trilogy

 1. (1980)
 2. (1981)
 3. (1981)


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