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Cradle of Saturn

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Cradle of Saturn

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Author: James P. Hogan
Publisher: Baen, 1999
Series: Cradle of Saturn: Book 1

1. Cradle of Saturn
2. The Anguished Dawn

Book Type: Novel
Genre: Science-Fiction
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Lee P


Among the Saturnian moons, farsighted individuals, working without help or permission from any government, have established a colony. They call themselves the Kronians, after the Greek name for Saturn. Operating without the hidebound restrictions of bureaucratic Earth, the colony is a magnet, attracting the best and brightest of the home world, and has been making important new discoveries.

But one of their claims - that they have found proof that the Solar System has undergone repeated cataclysms, and as recently as a few thousand years ago - flies in the face of the reigning dogma, and is under attack by the scientific establishment. Then the planet Jupiter emits a white-hot protoplanet as large as the Earth, which is hurtling sunwards like a gigantic comet that will obliterate civilization...


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