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Author: Spider Robinson
Publisher: Baen, 2007
Easton Press, 1997
Baen, 1997
Series: Lifehouse: Book 3

1. Mindkiller
2. Time Pressure
3. Lifehouse

Book Type: Novel
Genre: Science-Fiction
Sub-Genre Tags: Near-Future
Mundane SF
Human Development
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June Bellamy had gone for a walk in a park - and came back with memories missing. She didn't know that, but her partner could tell because she'd told her answering machine about strange people in the park. Now June and Paul are on the run from insidious superhumans who can edit their memories and track them down no matter where or how well they hide. They are desperate - but not nearly as desperate as their pursuers...


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A Decent Conclusion (sort of)...

- ScoLgo


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