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Phoenix in the Ashes
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Phoenix in the Ashes

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Author: Joan D. Vinge
Publisher: Orbit, 1986
Tor, 1986
Bluejay Books, 1985

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Book Type: Collection
Genre: Science-Fiction
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Visions - Visions of love and conflict, anguish and Tomorrow. Of outcasts who must bridge the obsessions of two post Holocaust worlds; and an astronaut who finds her life's quest betrayed by a device from a alien past. A prince who became a beggar, with the power of the dragon; and a feudal serf who met a high tech lord, with he magic of a peddler. A Cat how had lost his mind powers and a Dreamweaver who had lost her mind. A barbarian priestess whose beauty challenged the world and whose child could melt the heart of an aliern God-on a crippled Earth that swam beneath a vast Cyclopean eye. The visions of Joan D Vinge.

Table of Contents:


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