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Phoenix Café
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Phoenix Café

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Author: Gwyneth Jones
Publisher: Tor, 1998
Gollancz, 1997
Series: The Aleutian Trilogy: Book 3

1. White Queen
2. North Wind
3. Phoenix Café

Book Type: Novel
Genre: Science-Fiction
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The concluding, and most powerful, volume in an SF masterpiece, the White Queen trilogy....Now Jones concludes the tale of the Aleutian invasion in "Phoenix Cafe", a hip, dark, violent novel that answers the questions, What does it feel like to be colonized by superior aliens, and what is left for you after they have exploited you and prepare to depart?

The first book took place at the time of the alien landings and centered on two human journalists, Johnny and Braemar, who fall in love, break up, then come together again in an attempt to save the human race from the aliens who have come to Earth. Then, in North Wind, set a hundred years later, Jones continued the story, featuring a quest by both aliens and humans to find the last flowering of human technology.

Now, in Phoenix Cafe, Jones concludes the story another hundred years on, as the Aleutians prepare to leave both Earth and a humanity transformed in strange and sometimes unpleasant ways by two hundred years of alien exploitation. The Aleutians have the space drive. But what has humanity gained or lost, and who will pick up the pieces? This is a novel of politics, economics, sexual identity, and the fate of humanity.


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