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Author: Glen Cook
Publisher: Night Shade Books, 2010
Warner Books, 1982
Series: Starfishers Trilogy: Book 2

1. Shadowline
2. Starfishers
3. Stars' End

Book Type: Novel
Genre: Science-Fiction
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They are the dragons of the cosmos, Starfish; creatures of pure fusion energy, wise and ancient giants, drifting in herds along the edge of the galaxy. Producing the precious ambergris that allows mankind and Sangaree alike to travel between the starts, the Starfish herds are protected by the great harvestships of the High Seiners. Known as Starfishers, the Seiners defy Confederation rule and Sangaree attack alike to skirt the dangerous boundaries of Stars' End, gathering their priceless cargo.

It is with the Starfishers of the harvestship Danion that Confederation agents Mouse Storm and Moyshe benRabi now fly and fight, probing the mysteries and myths of Stars' End, a strange fortress planet beyond the galactic rim, bristling with automatic weapons programmed to slaughter anyone fool enough to come into range. And where benRabi, a man of many names, must surrender his dreams and his mind itself to the golden dragons of space.


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