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    The Dark Intruder & Other Stories / Falcons of Narabedla
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    The Dark Intruder & Other Stories / Falcons of Narabedla

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    Author: Marion Zimmer Bradley
    Publisher: Ace Books, 1964
    Series: Ace Double F-Series: Book 273

    104. Mayday Orbit / No Man's World
    108. The Light of Lilith / The Sun Saboteurs
    113. Rebels of the Red Planet / 200 Years to Christmas
    117. The Door Through Space / Rendezvous on a Lost World
    119. Delusion World / Spacial Delivery
    123. Collision Course / The Nemesis from Terra
    127. Worlds of the Imperium / Seven from the Stars
    129. The Automated Goliath / The Three Suns of Amara
    133. The Rim of Space / Secret Agent of Terra
    139. Un-Man and Other Novellas / The Makeshift Rocket
    141. The Ladder in the Sky / The Darkness Before Tomorrow
    145. The Seed of Earth / Next Stop the Stars
    147. Eye of the Monster / Sea Siege
    149. King of the Fourth Planet / Cosmic Checkmate
    153. The Planet Savers / The Sword of Aldones
    161. Times Without Number / Destiny's Orbit
    165. Cache From Outer Space / The Celestial Blueprint and Other Stories
    173. The Jewels of Aptor / Second Ending
    177. The Star Wasps / Warlord of Kor
    185. The Five Gold Bands / The Dragon Masters
    187. Alpha Centauri or Die! / Legend of Lost Earth
    195. The Silent Invaders / Battle on Venus
    199. Captives of the Flame / The Psionic Menace
    209. Let the Spacemen Beware! / The Wizard of Starship Poseidon
    215. Listen! The Stars! / The Rebellers
    223. Envoy to New Worlds / Flight From Yesterday
    227. The Astronauts Must Not Land / The Space-Time Juggler
    237. Beyond the Galactic Rim / The Ship From Outside
    242. Castaways' World / The Rites of Ohe
    249. The Hand of Zei / The Search for Zei
    253. The Twisted Men / One of Our Asteroids is Missing
    261. The Towers of Toron / The Lunar Eye
    265. Son of the Tree / The Houses of Iszm
    273. The Dark Intruder & Other Stories / Falcons of Narabedla
    275. The Duplicators / No Truce with Terra
    285. Ships to the Stars / The Million Year Hunt
    289. Demons' World / I Want the Stars
    299. The Arsenal of Miracles / Endless Shadow

    Book Type: Omnibus
    Genre: Science-Fiction
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    The Dark Intruder & Other Stories

    Collection includes:

    • "The Dark Intruder" (Measureless to Man)
    • "Jackie Sees a Star"
    • "Exiles of Tomorrow"
    • "Death Between the Stars"
    • "The Crime Therapist"
    • "The Stars Are Waiting"
    • "Black and White"

    Falcons of Narabedla

    Two Men in One Body--Two Epochs in Conflict

    He woke up to find himself in weird surroundings, guardedcby two strangers, one an old, old man, the other a slim sexless figure hidden completely under long blue veils.

    These two called him Adric, a name he instinctively responded to, even though he knew he was Mike Kenscott, radio engineer in a governement laboratory. His rich crimson clothing was unfamiliar and he was shocked by the landscape he saw through the window--mountains bathed in a pinkish light whose source was not one but two brilliant suns.

    Panic seized him then. Who were these people? What world was he in? And, most important, whom had he become?


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