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Author: Lara Elena Donnelly
Publisher: Tor, 2018
Series: Amberlough Dossier: Book 2

1. Amberlough
2. Armistice

Book Type: Novel
Genre: Fantasy
Sub-Genre Tags: Historical Fantasy
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In a tropical country where shadowy political affairs lurk behind the scenes of its glamorous film industry, three people maneuver inside a high stakes game of statecraft and espionage:

Lillian, a reluctant diplomat serving a fascist nation;

Aristide, an expatriate film director running from lost love and a criminal past; and

Cordelia, a former cabaret stripper turned legendary revolutionary.

Each one harbors dangerous knowledge that can upturn a nation. When their fates collide, machinations are put into play, unexpected alliances are built, and long-held secrets are exposed. Everything is barreling towards an international revolt... and only the wiliest ones will be prepared for what comes next.


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