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The Magic Wars

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The Magic Wars

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Author: Jo Clayton
Publisher: DAW Books, 1993
Series: Wild Magic: Book 3

1. Wild Magic
2. Wildfire
3. The Magic Wars

Book Type: Novel
Genre: Fantasy
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Shifter Wars

Although Fann has at last achieved mastery of her magical talent, she has still not gained her heart's desire--to be reunited with the mother from whom she was stolen as a young child. But before she can hope to fulfill this quest, Fann and her companions in corcery are cuaght up in a war beyond their imagining, held hostage by a people to whom magic is death.

Forced to use their skills on behalf of their captors, Fann and her comrades are forced down pathways which will lead from univers to universe, to encounters with possible allies such as Brann, the Drinker of Souls, and to terrifying confrontation with the Chained God--a final battle in the Magic Wars which could see not just Fann's world but all of the interlinked universe destroyed!


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