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Conquest of Earth

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Conquest of Earth

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Alternate Title: The Scarlet Saint
Author: Manly Banister
Publisher: Armchair Fiction, 2020
Avalon Books, 1957
Ziff Davis, 1956

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Book Type: Novel
Genre: Science-Fiction
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No human being had ever seen the Trisz, not even so much as a picture of them. They looked as the name sounds--Trisz, their appearance as illusive as wind rippling water. Yet the Trisz had conquered Earth and its peoples in generations past, and on one could escape their ever-watchful presence.

No one except the Scarlet Order of Men, the one planet-wide organization that Earth's elusive masters tolerated. Only the most favored of the People could enter the Institute, as children, to undergo rigorous training. Those unfit for the Order became Blue Brethren, servants and guides of the People, aiding and instructing them as loyal members of society, under the rule of the benevolent Trisz.

Few were the Students selected for initiation into the Scarlet Order. These few learned the scientific secrets behind the philosophy taught by the Blue Brethren, learned mental disciplines and psychic powers which enabled them to perform what would seem to be miracles. And Initiates learned the truth about the Trisz...


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