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Author: Mary Rickert
Publisher: Golden Gryphon Press, 2010

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Book Type: Collection
Genre: Fantasy
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This mysterious, holiday-themed collection starts off, of course, with New Year's Day and "Memoir of a Deer Woman," where a woman's transformation into a deer is a metaphor for her struggle and acceptance of terminal cancer. Valentine's Day is celebrated with a "Journey into the Kingdom," winner of the World Fantasy Award, where a young, lonely girl falls in love with a ghost. A May wedding in "The Machine" is a tale of innocence lost and terrible revenge, a story not for the faint of heart. Mother's Day brings us a not-so-sweet tale set in the near future where women who have had abortions are punished, in "Evidence of Love in a Case of Abandonment One Daughter's Personal Account." Even if you lost a son and gain a wolf, it's still Father's Day in "Don't Ask"--just be sure you fill the water bowl! No Independence Day celebration is complete unless you tell the tale of a "Traitor," or in this case a nine-year-old girl that doesn't want to do what Mommy wants her to do. When the heat is summer is upon us, it's best to leave the garden fairies alone, or at least not torture them, or suffer the fate of the little girl in "Was She Wicked? Was She Good?" A surreal Halloween story, "You Have Never Been Here," leaves one wondering if it was all a dream, in a tight, tension-filled mystery. A Vietnam veteran is featured for Veteran's Day, in "War is Beautiful." Tortured by his term in Vietnam, a solder befriends a local Vietnamese girl--or is she a ghost? The collection ends with a Halloween to Christmas tale, "The Christmas Witch," where all the children of a town collect bones, and the darker side of childhood is told.

These eleven tales will lead to eerie, mysterious, and downright creepy visions of little girls and their secret thoughts, imaginations, and capabilities.

Table of Contents:


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