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Two Hawks from Earth

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Two Hawks from Earth

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Alternate Title: The Gate of Time
Author: Philip José Farmer
Publisher: MonkeyBrain, 2009
Ace Books, 1979
Belmont Books, 1966

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Book Type: Novel
Genre: Science-Fiction
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from the Ace edition: Roger Two Hawks thought he'd probably bought it when he bailed out of his flaming bomber. His plane had made an eerie shudder just before he jumped, but nothing could have prepared him for what he found on the ground: Men dressed in skins, fighting with knives and arrows, speaking no language he'd ever heard. The War - and with it all the rest of the world he knew - had vanished, and been replaced by a savage struggle for control of a primitive parallel Earth. Two Hawks' technological know-how makes him a valuable prize for his captors - too valuable to be set free ... and too dangerous for the other side to leave alive.

From the MonkeyBrain edition: In this classic of alternate history by grand master Philip Jose Farmer, Native American bomber pilot Roger Two Hawks bails out over enemy territory in WWII, only to find himself on another Earth—one in which the American continents never rose from the waters, and the ancestors of the American Indians remained in Asia and Europe—an Earth embroiled in a world war of its own, with Two Hawks caught in the middle.

originally published as The Gate of Time (Belmont, 1966), the novel was revised, expanded and retitled Two Hawks from Earth (Farmer's preferred title) for the 1979 Ace edition.


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