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Three to Conquer

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Three to Conquer

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Alternate Title: Call Him Dead
Author: Eric Frank Russell
Publisher: Corgi Books, 1958
Avalon Books, 1956
Astounding Science Fiction (Analog), 1955

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Book Type: Novel
Genre: Science-Fiction
Sub-Genre Tags: Alien Invasion
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THREE TO CONQUER (Previously published as CALL HIM DEAD): It's the day-after-tomorrow in the USA. Wade Harper is a telepath, as far as he knows the only one in existence. He has managed to keep his paranormal abilities concealed, sure in the knowledge that his beloved government will try anything, including vivisection, to attempt to learn the source of his power. Until a chance encounter reveals to Harper that alien beings have invaded Earth --- and no one else on the planet can possibly detect them! Can he battle the menace without giving up his treasured secrecy?


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Never call someone a "terrestrial bastard"

- couchtomoon
Three to Conquer

- tbritz13