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The Complete Double Dead

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The Complete Double Dead

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Author: Chuck Wendig
Publisher: Abaddon Books, 2016
Series: Tomes of the Dead / Coburn

This book does not appear to be part of a series. If this is incorrect, and you know the name of the series to which it belongs, please let us know.

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Book Type: Omnibus
Genre: Horror
Sub-Genre Tags: Post-Apocalyptic Horror
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You wouldn't like Coburn. People don't, as a rule. And that's okay, because he doesn't like people much either. People are food.

Five years ago, Coburn went to sleep -- wasn't exactly planned -- and he's just woken up to find most everybody in the world dead. Not dead like him; he looks human, drinks blood. He's smart. They're... none of those things. They outnumber him by about a million to one, and their clotted blood cannot sustain him.

Now he's starving, and on the run. He has to find blood, soon, and -- like it or not -- he's gonna have to keep an eye on the frail flesh-bags he finds it in. Time for the wolf to turn shepherd.

No, Coburn doesn't like people. But he'll have to learn to.


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The Complete Double Dead

- Badseedgirl


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