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Sarah's Child
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Sarah's Child

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Author: Susan Jane Bigelow
Publisher: Strange Horizons, 2014

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Book Type: Short Story
Genre: Science-Fiction
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Short story on the 2015 Tiptree Honour list. It originally appeared on Strange Horzons, May 19th 2014.

A story of getting to see what happened on the path not chosen and having the chance to evaluate whether the original choice was the right one. Sarah dreams of the child she cannot bear in her assigned-male-at-birth body and struggles with her deep sense of grief. In a parallel universe she's able to breach, Sarah's son has an alternate mother, a woman born with a womb, but without the strength to come out to her family. Sarah and June--two women with the same identity, albeit in different bodies--each learn from the other how to be a more courageous version of themselves.

Read the full story for free at Strange Horizons.


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