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A Planet Called Krishna

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A Planet Called Krishna

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Alternate Title: The Queen of Zamba, Cosmic Manhunt
Author: L. Sprague de Camp
Publisher: Compact Books, 1966
Astounding Science Fiction (Analog), 1949
Series: Viagens Interplanetarias: Book 1
Book Type: Novel
Genre: Science-Fiction
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Meet Victor Hasselborg, easily the most miserable Private Investigator in the entire galaxy. More comfortable with the dull routine of investigating insurance frauds than interstellar adventure, Hasselborg is bound by duty to chase a runaway heiress across known space to the primitive world called Krishna.

Clad in kilt and sword, his hair dyed green, riding a buggy driven by a six legged monster of a beast, Hasselborg's quest takes him through the volatile world of feudal Krishna politics and into the presence of... the Queen of Zamba.

This novel is also known as The Queen of Zamba and Cosmic Manhunt. It originally appeared in serialized form in Astounding Science Fiction in August and September 1949 as The Queen of Zamba. It was then published as half of Ace Double D-61 as Cosmic Manhunt. It's only publication as a single novel was in 1966 under thet title A Planet Called Krishna. It has since appeared in various collections under the title The Queen of Zamba, usually accompanied by the novella Perpetual Motion (1950). Variations in the text between these editions exist. De Camp preferred the title The Queen of Zamba.


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