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Ring of Lightning

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Ring of Lightning

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Author: Jane S. Fancher
Publisher: DAW Books, 1995
Series: Dance of the Rings: Book 1

1. Ring of Lightning
2. Ring of Intrigue
3. Ring of Destiny

Book Type: Novel
Genre: Fantasy
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Three brothers, caught in a web of lies and corruption, must overcome a lifetime of misconceptions and distrust to find the united strength needed to save their City.

A land of myth and magic... and ruled by the power company.

Rhomatum: a powerful city-state built around the massive, energy-producing Rhomatum Node.

Mauritum: a node city second only to Rhomatum herself.

Khoratum: an exceedingly attitudinal satellite of Rhomatum---with notions of autonomy.

The Rhomandi Family are the descendants of Rhomatum's founding father, and heirs to the Ley Tower which controls the node's life-giving energy. Anheliaa Rhomandi, the despotic Ringmaster of Rhomatum, a woman of legendary Talent, is aging rapidly and is desperate for an heir to the unprecedented web of power she has created.

Her nephews, Deymorin, Mikhyel and Nikaenor, three singularly unTalented young men, brothers torn apart by mistrust, jealousy and polarized political views---are not the Masters she has in mind.

Mauritum senses weakness in her long-time rival and sees an opportunity to add Rhomatum---and all Rhomatum's satellite nodes---to her already glittering crown.

All she must do is wait for Anheliaa to die.

But Anheliaa has plans for her precious heir, plans that involve her three nephews---will they or nil they. Those plans will set them all, brothers, cities... and the ley itself... on a collision course with destiny. Whether or not any of them survive depends on whether or not Deymio, Khyel and Nikki can set aside their differences and become the brothers nature intended them to be.


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