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The Deceiver
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The Deceiver

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Author: Melanie Tem
Publisher: Leisure Books, 2003

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Book Type: Novel
Genre: Horror
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The Devil, they say is in the details. The little things. The small decisions we make every day. But for the Harkness family, this expression is all too literally true. For many years the members of this family have gotten seemingly helpful advice at key moments in their lives from a mysterious - and very persuasive stranger. -- He doesn't always look the same. His name may be different. But he's always around whenever some sort of decision needs to be made. And what he says makes so much sense. His influence on the Harkness family seems slight at first. But before anyone realizes it, the strange man is leading them down some very dangerous - and terrifying - roads indeed.


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The Deceiver

- charlesdee


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