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Author: M. Coleman Easton
Publisher: Questar, 1986
Series: Masters of Glass: Book 2
Book Type: Novel
Genre: Fantasy
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ven in the haven of the mighty city of Tajmengus, in the home of his conjurer cousin Yeni, Iskiir could not forget his nightmare past. never could he escape the horrible sight of those huge black monoliths magically stalking forth to crush his home village. He had tried to warn others of this spell of evil walking the land, yet no one would listen, not even his true love, Adeh.

But now his nightmares lived again. The stones had come to Tajmengus! And, as even the first rank sorcerers failed to halt their deadly march, Iskiir knew that only he - who had once survived this crushing doom - could answer the riddle of the stones, and stop the evil that stood behind them...


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