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Blood Storm

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Blood Storm

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Author: Heather Gladney
Publisher: Ace Books, 1989
Series: The Song of Naga Teot : Book 2

1. Teot's War
2. Blood Storm

Book Type: Novel
Genre: Fantasy
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As fierce as the storms that punish the desert, Naga Teot, last of his clan, has debts to be paid back in blood. First for the birthright stolen from him, second for his slaughtered family, and third for Caladrunan, Liege Lord of Tan, who by friendship and Great Oath he is sworn to protect. The debt is owed to the Osa, whose strange new weapons can melt rock with their flames, and burn whole cities to the ground. The Osa who sole his childhood. Naga Teot's swords shall dance and call upon the Osa...


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