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Author: Tim Lukeman
Publisher: Ace Books, 1982
Doubleday, 1979
Series: Khe'chin: Book 1

1. Rajan
2. Koren

Book Type: Novel
Genre: Fantasy
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He left his father's farm with an ancient sword and the tattered remains of his honor -- and before the moon had traveled a full cycle he had traded both to a mysterious silk-clad sorcerer in return for a promise of protection. Rajan had a price on his head for the murder of a nobleman. No matter that it had been an honorable duel, or that the other man had issued the challenge, insulting the honor of Rajan's house; the simple fact remained: he was a farmer, and he had murdered a lord. Now he is hunted by the feared Lhas'kar, those silent assassins from whom no man has ever escaped; and his only hope of life lies with Duhaur the sorcerer, who controls the thunder with a word and the lightning with a wave of his hand.

In desperation Rajan has pledged himself to this man of his own free will; now he is bound to Duhaur's service unto death -- and even beyond, bound until he performs the task that his master requires of him. And the service Duhaur demands chills him to the very bone:

"Rajan, we hunt my son. And when we find him, you will kill him for me..."


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