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Lord Valentine's Castle

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Lord Valentine's Castle

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Author: Robert Silverberg
Publisher: Harper & Row, 1980
Series: The Majipoor Cycle: Book 1
Book Type: Novel
Genre: Fantasy
Sub-Genre Tags: Heroic Fantasy
Romantic Fantasy
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Treachery and wizardry run rampant under the reign of the mighty Pontifex, as both the rightful and the unworthy heirs to the throne anxiously await his demise. Korsibar, son of the current Coronal, plots with his twin sister and ambitious companions to seize the power of the Coronal when his father ascends to the throne of the Pontifex.

But the burdens of the crown and scepter exact a higher price than Korsibar is prepared to pay. His rival fights to take his appointed place as keeper of his beloved Majipoor... and to restore order to the utter chaos that has befallen their world.


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Science fictional world, fantasy tropes

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Lord Valentine's Castle

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Lord Valentine's Castle

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