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Dark Angels Rising

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Dark Angels Rising

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Author: Ian Whates
Publisher: NewCon Press, 2020
Series: The Dark Angels: Book 3

1. Pelquin's Comet
2. The Ion Raider
3. Dark Angels Rising

Book Type: Novel
Genre: Science-Fiction
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The Dark Angels -- a notorious band of brigands turned folk heroes who disbanded a decade ago -- are all that stands between humanity and disaster. Reunited with their ship, The Ion Raider, Drake, Leesa, Jen and their fellow Angels must prevent a resurrected Elder, last of a long dead alien race from reclaiming the scientific marvels of his people.

The resurrected alien, Mudball, has discovered the whereabouts of the ultimate Elder cache, long considered to be a myth. Supported by an outlawed military regiment and a star-spanning criminal organisation, Mudball is intent on using the scientific marvels stored there to establish itself as God over all of humankind.

Can one ship of reluctant heroes hope to stop them? The Dark Angels know they have little choice but to try.


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