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Nan A. Talese

Nan A. Talese

Founded: 1990
Founded by: Nan A. Talese
Titles/Circulation: 0


Nan A. Talese is a literary imprint committed to quality publishing, both in the excellence of its authors and the quality of the production of its books.

Established in 1990, it is distinguished both by new authors of fiction and nonfiction, as well as the authors Mrs. Talese has published for many years, writers who have been staunchly supported by independent booksellers (and more recently Barnes & Noble and Borders) and reviewers. Among its writers are Peter Ackroyd, Margaret Atwood, Pinckney Benedict, Thomas Cahill, Kevin Canty, Lorene Cary, Pat Conroy, Jennifer Egan, Mia Farrow, Antonia Fraser, David Grand, Nicola Griffith, Aleksandar Hemon, Thomas Keneally, Alex Kotlowitz, Robert MacNeil, Ian McEwan, Gita Mehta, George Plimpton, Edvard Radzinsky, Mark Richard, Nicholas Shakespeare, Barry Unsworth, and Gus Van Sant.

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Authors Published

• Margaret Atwood  • Ian McEwan  • Julian Gough