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Jimmy Patterson

Jimmy Patterson

Founded: 2015
Founded by: James Patterson


Jimmy Patterson Books launched in 2015 as an imprint at Little, Brown and Company. JIMMY focuses on publishing high-quality, entertaining books for children by talented authors and illustrators. JIMMY Patterson Books was founded by the world’s bestselling author, James Patterson.

In addition to publishing books by James Patterson, JIMMY Patterson Books also offers books by a select group of children’s authors. Each “James Patterson Presents” title is handpicked byJames Patterson and the JIMMY Patterson Books editorial team. JIMMY Patterson's list of authors includes Kerri Maniscalco, Natasha Ngan, Michael Fry, Rachel Roy and Ava Dash, Lyndsay Ely, Farrah Penn, Merrill Wyatt, Ron Bates and others.

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Authors Published

• Natasha Ngan  • Lyndsay Ely  • Amy Capetta  • Cori McCarthy 


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