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Kelmscott Press

Kelmscott Press

Founded: 1891
Founded by: William Morris
Titles/Circulation: Unknown


In January 1891, William Morris and William Bowden founded the Kelmscott Press at Hammersmith, London, named after Morris's manor house in the Cotswolds. The press was founded to refashion Victorian typography and to create beautiful books based on medieval manuscripts. It produced books by traditional methods, using, as far as possible, the printing technology and typographical style of the fifteenth century. In this, it reflected the tenets of the Arts and Crafts movement (1860-1896), which was led by William Morris.

Morris oversaw many of the aspects of the Kelmscott Press, which was a collaborative effort involving printers, engravers, editors, illustrators, craftsmen and businessmen. Selection of paper and ink, and concerns for the overall integration of type and decorations on the page, made the Kelmscott Press the most famous of the private presses of the Arts and Crafts movement, and the main inspiration for what became known as the "Private Press Movement". It operated until 1898, producing more than 18,000 copies of 53 different works, comprising 66 volumes, and inspired numerous other private presses, notably the Vale Press, Caradoc Press, Ashendene Press and Doves Press.

The Kelmscott Press edition of The Works of Geoffrey Chaucer, with decorations by Morris and illustrations by Burne-Jones, is sometimes counted among the most beautiful books ever produced.

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