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The Key to Irunium / The Wandering Tellurian

Ace Double H-Series: Book 20

Kenneth Bulmer
Alan Schwartz

The Key to Irunium

"A porteur? Never heard of it." Robert Prestin was just an ordinary aviation journalist who had never heard of such things as porteurs, nor of other dimensions that supplied jewels to the Earth, nor of the metamorphic Borgia-like countess who ran the show with the aid of her scarlet-scaled Thrugs. And certainly he had never heard of a lombok vine that could grow faster than a man could run.

No, Robert Prestin was just an ordinary man who sometimes lost things. That is until he sat next to a beautiful girl on a plane headed for Rome - and lost her somewhere in mid-air! At that point he knew he had a lot to learn, because somehow he had - or was - the key to Irunium.

The Wandering Tellurian

Would his super-weapons help backward planets?

The Last Castle / World of the Sleeper

Ace Double H-Series: Book 21

Tony Russell Wayman
Jack Vance

The Last Castle

For 700 years the Meks served without complaint; they were indispensable, for no gentleman would demean himself with toil. But now they turn against the strongholds of civilization--Castle Halcyon, then Sea Island, Morninglight, and Maraval--one by one the proud castles of Earth fall; last standing is Castle Hagedorn.

World of the Sleeper

Take your choice of any world or time - but at your perril.

Five Against Arlane / Lord of the Green Planet

Ace Double H-Series: Book 22

Emil Petaja
Tom Purdom

Five Against Arlane

Brain control and loss of psychological freedom await the opponents of Arlane's ruler.

Lord of the Green Planet

Diarmid O'Dowd, space explorer, was suddently an Off-worlder in an Old World legend. Since he had crashed his ship through the green barrier to this uncharted world, he found himself due to take a place in the Deel's song of ancient Ireland, living again on New Tara.

Crisis on Cheiron / The Winds of Gath

Ace Double H-Series: Book 27

Juanita Coulson
E. C. Tubb

Crisis on Cheiron

Carl Race and his mentor, Donovan Petry, have arrived on Cheiron. The two Federation ecologists have been called in to figure out what mysterious occurrence is causing Cheiron's local fauna to fail.

Ostensibly working as impartial observers, the ecologists were called in to protect the interests of Consolidated Enterprises as their competitors, Trans-Galactic, hover and wait. The slightest misstep, and T-G will swoop in and take over the trade. If things go bad enough, all humans (known as Terrans) will be banned from the planet altogether.

The planet's native and highly intelligent lifeforms, the centaur-like Cheironi, seem to be working in peace with the space-travelling Terrans, but tensions are rising as crops fail and insects begin to behave strangely. The local Terran school teacher, Marcy DeLaurent, is brought in as translator as Carl and Donovan work to solve the mystery of the failing crops.

However, someone is determined to stop Carl and company from unearthing the strange source of Cheiron's problems...

Things are about to take a violent turn, and the hunters are quickly becoming the hunted.

Carl is now faced with a life and death struggle--to find out the mystery behind the Cheiron problem while trying to save his own life.

The Winds of Gath

Mercenary. Galactic traveller. Survivor. Earl Dumarest is all those things--and more. For he claims to come from the mythical planet of Earth. And those claims have just attracted the attention of the sinister Cyclan...

Stranded on Gath with no way off, Dumarest becomes embroiled in the schemes of a sadistic prince and a dying matriarch. Plots within plots unfold--and Dumarest is the key to their success. For amid the schemes of prince and matriarch alike, all have come to experience the legendary Winds of Gath.

For when the star swarms come, when the music of the spheres rises over the the planet's valleys and mountains, the dead can speak to the living... and men go mad!

The Lost Millennium / The Road to the Rim

Ace Double H-Series: Book 29

A. Bertram Chandler
Leigh Richmond
Walt Richmond

The Lost Millennium

The day the world burned out.

The Road to the Rim

Lieutenant John Grimes of the Federation Survey Service: fresh out of the Academy--and as green as they come.

Computer War / Death is a Dream

Ace Double H-Series: Book 34

E. C. Tubb
Mack Reynolds

Computer War

The odds were right for victory. The problem with computer warfare is that the computer is always logical while the human enemy is not - or doesn't have to be. And that's what the Betastani enemy were doing - nothing that the Alphaland computers said they would. Those treacherous foemen were avoiding logic and using such unheard-of devices as surprise and sabotage, treason and trickery. They even had Alphaland's Deputy of Information believing Betastani propaganda without even realizing it. Of course he still thought he was being loyal to Alphaland, because he thought that one and one must logically add up to two. And that kind of thinking could make him the biggest traitor of them all.

Death is a Dream

Suspended animation, the doctor had said, was a simple matter - now that the bugs were ironed out. "You'll be safe here until we wake you, with the know-how to cure what's wrong." Brad Stevens chose the long cold sleep: and, as the doctor predicted, it worked. For Brad, death had been a dream, but the awakening was an incredible nightmare...

Tramontane / The Wrecks Of Time

Ace Double H-Series: Book 36

Emil Petaja
Michael Moorcock

The Wrecks of Time (abriged edtion of the The Rituals of Infinity (1971).

Earth zero to Earth fifteen--which was the real one?

What the inhabitants of Greater America didn't realize was that theirs was the only inhabited landmass, apart from one island in the Philippines. They still talked about foreign countries, though they would forget little by little, but the countries were only in their imaginations, mysterious and romantic places where nobody actually went..

That was the way it was on E-3, one of the fifteen alternate Earths that had been discovered through the subspace experiments.

Professor Faustaff knew that these alternate earths were somehow recent creations, and that they were under attack from the strange eroding raids of the mysterious bands known as the D-Squads. But there were tens of millions of people on those Earths who were entitled to life and protection-and unless Faustaff and his men could crack the mystery of these worlds' creation and the more urgent problem of their impending destruction, it would mean not only the end of these parallel planets, but just possibly the blanking out of all civilization in the universe.


This fourth science-fantasy novel based on the Finnish legendary epic, KALEVALA, seemed like a good idea because there are actually four important heroes in these wonderful legends, and this novel completes the cycle concerning itself with the prophecy of the Great Return when the Vanhat seed shall return to Oava, the planet of their origin.

Kullervo is the "bad one" of the legends. Ugly, sullen, despised, he was actually born out of evil. He kicked his cradle to pieces and refused to drown when the wise women flung him into the river. As a vindictive cow-her slave he changed cows into bears and this killed all of Ilmarinen's household. Like Manfred and Oedipus, he was predestined for tragedy and doom. However, he is surely one of the most fascinating characters in all mythology. Jean Sibelius, the great Finnish composer, chose his tragic life for the theme of this magnificent symphonic tone poem, Kullervo, one of his finest works, involving choruses, soloists, and a sweeping Wagnerian nobility.

My Kullervo Kasi, a prototype of his ancestor, is the spawn of a leakage from a dark dimension of matter-energy that is incompatible with the life-forces in this one. Therefore, Kullervo Kasi is the natural choice of the Starwitch Louhi to find the tag-end remnants of the Vanhat existing somewhere on despoiled Terra and destroy them...

C.O.D. Mars / Alien Sea

Ace Double H-Series: Book 40

E. C. Tubb
John Rackham

C.O.D. Mars

Three explorers returned to Earth after nine long years en route to Proxima Centauri and back. You would have supposed that they would have been greeted as the heroes of the century, feted, honored, rewarded. But Earth was rewarding the trio in a strange and terrible manner-with permanent exile in orbit, never to touch any planet's surface again.

If Earth wanted that crew isolated so badly, it ought to be worthg a lot for someone to learn the reeeason, because the powers that ruled the world were not talking.

The Scorfu -- the Martian equivalent of a Mafia -- had the idea that the three exiles might prove winning pieces in their endless competition with Earth. And therefore the somewhat unscrupulous but absolutely fearless operative, Slade, could be persuaded that the three from Centauri might mean a million for him-Cash on Delivery, Mars

Alien Sea

Venus and Earth contend - while Hydro's secrets wait for D-Day.

The Pictures of Pavanne / The Youth Monopoly

Ace Double H-Series: Book 48

Ellen Wobig
Lan Wright

The Pictures of Pavanne

What was the frightning reality behind their alien allure?

The Youth Monopoly

What price eternal life?

The Prism / Crown of Infinity

Ace Double H-Series: Book 51

John M. Faucette
Emil Petaja

Crown of Infinity

Faucette's Crown of Infinity details a galactic conflict between the human Star Kings and a Master race from another galaxy bent on destroying all other life forms.

The Prism

Petaja's The Prism tells the story of a dystopic society in which the highest "gold" caste has developed a "livideo" system through which they can experience vicariously the lives of genetically engineered humans bred to exist in fantastic environments for the viewing pleasure of the upper-caste citizens.

Space Chantey / Pity About Earth

Ace Double H-Series: Book 56

Ernest Hill
R. A. Lafferty

Space Chantey

Set in the far future, Space Chantey chronicles the adventures of Space Captain Roadstrum and his crew, on a journey through galaxies resonant with myth and peril as Roadstrum valiantly battles to return across the cosmos to Big Tulsa, the Capital of the World, and to his wife and young son Tele-Max.

Pity About Earth

The old planet's gone, but her ways are still headline news...

Anthropol / The Time Mercenaries

Ace Double H-Series: Book 59

Philip E. High
Louis Trimble


It's an urgent assignment for Vernay: get control of the totalitarian government of Ujvila. Hard enough, but Vernay's also got to do it before Galactic-Military solves the problem its own way: by slamming in an invasion force and destroying half the planet.

The natives of Anthropol don't like aliens and they don't want Vernay. So it's going to be a tough assignment.

One of the toughest of his career.

The Time Mercenaries

There had been one war scare too many and so the human race had used genetic sorcery to delete the aggressive tendencies from its heredity. But now mankind was faced with an enemy so superior, so ruthless, that it was fight or be wiped out, and the humans could not fight. They couldn't even give orders to their robots to produce weapons.

The only possibility was to call up and bring back to life a museum exhibit: the submarine EUPHRATES and its battle-trained crew. The ship had been sunk a thousand years ago, and had been preserved to demonstrate the decadence of violence, violence which was now the only hope against and enemy to whom living space was all-important and human life was entirely superfluous!

Mercenary From Tomorrow / The Key to Venudine

Ace Double H-Series: Book 65

Kenneth Bulmer
Mack Reynolds

Mercenary From Tomorrow

Is the story of 21st Century Earth - a world where work is forgotten, where the masses fight boredom with trank pills and telly, and where it is almost impossible to leave the social class you were born in. You could break the class barrier only by hiring yourself out as a mercenary to fight in the prime-time wars that are fought to keep the telly-viewing public satisfied. That is the only way to move up the ladder - if you could stay alive long enough.

The Key to Venudine

Rodro's men were pushing past, were blundering with reeking weapons into the room to kill and take the princess away.

Lai half stretched up from the princess's restraining arms. The room was empty of other life apart from Sir Fezius and the two knights now lifting their swords, ready to cut down Lai.

A popping noise sounded like a drum bursting. A man appeared in the middle of the room.

One moment he was not there; the next he stood there, holding a bulky stick in his arm, peering about with a white face. He said something that sounded like "Skeet."

The next instant the room resounded with an avalanche roar and a hellfire blast of scorching flame.

Doom of the Green Planet / Star Quest

Ace Double H-Series: Book 70

Dean Koontz
Emil Petaja

Star Quest

In a universe that had been ravaged by a thousand years of interplanetary warfare between the star-shattering Romaghins and the equally voracious Setessins, there seemed now but one thing that might bring the destruction to an end. That would be the right catalyst in the hands of the right people. The right catalyst could well be the individualist rebel, Tohm... he who had once been a simple peasant and who had been forcibly changed into a fearfully armored instrument of mechanical warfare--the man-tank Jumbo Ten. But the right people? Could they possibly be the hated driftwood of biological warfare--those monsters of a cosmic no-man's land--the Muties?

Doom of the Green Planet

Save a life and it is your responsibility. Save a world and it is yours to protect forever. Such was the geasa of Diarmid Patrick O'Dowd, ex-starman. He had himself called down destruction on the Green Planet by destroying its creator and undermining its guiding Song. Now he must shield it from the aspirations of the next star-wanderer to set down on its lush fairy-tale landscape. For without its special "god" it would mean the end of that wonder world of swordsmen and sorcerers... and Diarmid himself had now to play that omnipotent role - even though he was but a marooned pilot and his opponent was the massed power of an organized stellar federation.

Derai / The Singing Stones

Ace Double H-Series: Book 77

Juanita Coulson
E. C. Tubb


Still driven by his search for Man's fabled birthplace, Earl Dumrest accepts a commission to guard the Lady Derai, heiress to the proud House of Caldor, on the feudal world of Hive. On Derai's home planet, Dumarest had hoped to meet a living witness to Earth. But instead he finds himself in the lists of the deadly Contest on Folgone - with the Lady of Caldor as prize. And on Folgone, for the first time, Dumarest confronts the Cybers: ruthless, emotionless tools of a great Gestalt which holds the mighty of the universe in its grip - a power which may yet provide him with the key to his quest for Earth.

The Singing Stones

A planet has been enslaved... and he is the only person who can set them free.

Geoff Latimer works for the Ethnic Federation to protect peoples unable to defend themselves against others -- like Terrans, and Deliyans.

But when he finds himself in the eerie land of Pa-Liina, he encounters a strange power. What appear to be simple stones are in fact beacons of music, projecting sound and filling whoever encounters them with bizarre new sensations. The ethereal essence to these 'stones that sing' has caused an entire race of people to be enslaved.

Caught between the oppressor and the oppressed, Geoff is almost out of his depth.

With the aid of native Nedra, a priestess, Geoff finds himself solely responsible for the liberation of these burdened people. But he is not alone in this fight: Nedra speaks of a 'Goddess' who can offer Geoff and his companion Tahn guidance on their quest.

But can they complete their mission and break the people of Pa-Liina free from the control of their persecutors in time?

Invader on My Back / Destination: Saturn

Ace Double H-Series: Book 85

Philip E. High
David Grinnell
Lin Carter

Invader on My Back

Invader on My Back is set on this world but in a period of time far ahead of the present. A world which has fallen to chaos with the criminal elements controlling the cities and vast police forces ruling the unknown wilderness beyond.

Only one man, unknowingly, holds the key to the state in which society finds itself--a man called craig.

Craig, however, is an outcast, a pariah, feared by organised crime and despised by the police who, despite themselves, are compelled to use him.

This fast moving story tells of his fight, not only against forces unknown, but also of his attempts to reinstate himself into a society which as rejected him.

Destination: Saturn

When identical planet-kings meet, one must be a Saturnian!

The Proxima Project / Target: Terra

Ace Double H-Series: Book 91

John Rackham
Laurence M. Janifer
S. J. Treibich

The Proxima Project

They took the "pop-star" route out of this world!

Target: Terra

Beware the beserk satelite.

The Man Who Saw Tomorrow / So Bright the Vision

Ace Double H-Series: Book 95

Clifford D. Simak
Jeff Sutton

The Man Who Saw Tomorrow

This man must die - or the futre wil never be!

So Bright the Vision

Collection containing:

  • The Golden Bugs - (1960) - novelette
  • Leg. Forst. - (1958) - novelette
  • So Bright the Vision - (1956) - novelette
  • Galactic Chest - (1956) - novelette

The Age of Ruin / Code Duello

Ace Double H-Series: Book 103

John M. Faucette
Mack Reynolds

The Age of Ruin

He fought his was across an alien world no man had ever mapped.

Code Duello

Section G, the top-secret security unit of United Planets, had a special problem on their hands wit the situation on Firenze. And for that special problem, they gathered together the most unusual squad in Section G's unusual history. It included: A research biologist who could bend steel bars like rubber bands A middle-aged lady with total total recall An interplanetary cowboy whose bullwhip was deadlier than a ray gun A brazen young lady acrobat who looked like an eight-year-old kid A mild young man who never lost a bet in his life And the best pickpocket that ever lived. But Firenze with its CODE DUELLO was to prove a match for the lot of them!