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The Cross-Time Engineer

Adventures of Conrad Stargard: Book 1

Leo Frankowski


Damon Lathe and his blackcollar combat team face their most serious challenge. On one of the conquered human colony worlds is a Ryqril tactical center through which flows an entire sector's worth of military data. If the blackcollars can find a way inside, it could tip the balance in the current Ryqril-Chryselli war. It could even start humanity on the path back to ultimate freedom.

But the Ryqril aren't sitting idly by. Under threat of reprisals against his world, Prefect Jamus Galway of Plinry is already on the case. His plan: to turn the blackcollars and their combat skill into unknowing tools of the Ryqril. His hidden ace: a clone duplicate of Lathe's ally Allan Caine, ready to be slipped into Lathe's inner circle.

It will be the blackcollars' most important mission. It may also be their last.

The High-Tech Knight

Adventures of Conrad Stargard: Book 2

Leo Frankowski

Somehow, Conrad Stargard, faithful Roman Catholic and stalwart Socialist of the Peoples Republic of Poland, 20th Century, had been marooned in Poland, A.D. 1231.

Somehow, Conrad found himself under investigation by the Inquisition, got himself knighted, was granted his own fief, and made a few enemies.

Somehow, he had to round up a few vassals, build himself a city, and figure out how to survive armed combat against the Champion of the Teutonic Knights, one of the Toughest Men Alive.

Then he'd have time to worry about the Mongols . . .

The Radiant Warrior

Adventures of Conrad Stargard: Book 3

Leo Frankowski

New Light on the Past. Conrad Stargard, a 20th-century Pole marooned in 13th-century Poland, had just ten years to prevent the Mongol Hordes from slaughtering everyone in Poland. So he "invented" all the modern advances, things like prefabricated housing, playboy clubs, the steam engine, universal education, the cloth factory, and belly dancing. But wars are fought by warriors, not strong economies, and Conrad would need the very best. So he set out to create an army...

The Flying Warlord

Adventures of Conrad Stargard: Book 4

Leo Frankowski


For a twentieth-century man, Conrad Stargard had done a lot in thirteenth-century Poland. In just nine years, he had "discovered" universal education, aircraft, radios, steamboats, and machine guns. More important, he had prepared Poland to defeat the bloodthirsty Mongols in 1241.

But now that the Mongol hordes had arrived, something was disturbing the flow of history. Even the Time Masters who secretly watched over Conrad couldn't predict his future, because they no longer even knew their own past . . .

Lord Conrad's Lady

Adventures of Conrad Stargard: Book 5

Leo Frankowski

Lady Francine, a French woman known as one of the two most beautiful women in Poland (the other lives with Conrad, but as an heretical Muslim can't or won't marry him) maneuvers Conrad into marrying her.

Conrad's Quest for Rubber

Adventures of Conrad Stargard: Book 6

Leo Frankowski


Conrad Stargard has come a long way since he was first transported from the twentieth century to the thirteenth. Thanks to his knack for "inventing" such astonishing things as steam engines, machine guns, radios, and riverboats, he's turned Medieval Poland into a military powerhouse--capable of repelling invasions by marauding Mongols and Teutonic troops alike.

Now, with enemies vanquished, industry booming, and peace in the land, it is time to continue Poland's remarkable technological progress. And doing so requires harvesting raw materials only Lord Conrad knows where to "discover." Thus is founded the Explorer's Corps, whose intrepid members set out to map new frontiers from the Arctic Circle to the Amazon. But can even Conrad's knowledge of the far future prepare him and his subjects for what lies just beyond the borders of their kingdom?