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The Andromeda Strain

Michael Crichton

The United States government stands warned that sterilization procedures for returning space probes may be inadequate to guarantee uncontaminated re-entry to the atmosphere. When a probe satellite falls to the earth two years later, and lands in a desolate area of northeastern Arizona, the bodies that lie heaped and flung across the ground, have faces locked in frozen surprise. The terror has begun.

The Plot Against Earth / Recruit for Andromeda

Ace Double D-Series: Book 358

Calvin M. Knox
Milton Lesser

The Plot Against Earth


The humanoid worlds of the galaxy were alarmed! Somehow, somewhere the mind-destroying hypnojewels were being trafficked in.

An uneasy Earth, newcomer to the ranks of the civilized planets, sent Lloyd Catton to the Interworld Crime Commission on Morilar to investigate. Although the Commission had made little progress until then, after his arrival things started to happen fast.

For it didn't take Catton long to realize that the hypnojewels were but the thin edge of a murderous wedge that was calculated to shove the Earth back again into the helpless isolation of a world returned to savagery

Recruit for Andromeda

Many had gone - none had returned.

A For Andromeda

Andromeda: Book 1

Fred Hoyle
John Elliot

It concerns a group of scientists who detect a radio signal from a distant galaxy that contains instructions for the design of an advanced computer. When the computer is built, it gives the scientists instructions for the creation of a living organism named Andromeda, but one of the scientists, John Fleming, fears that Andromeda's purpose is to subjugate humanity.

Andromeda I

Andromeda: Book 1

Peter Weston

Table of Contents:

  • Andromeda One Introduction - essay by Peter Weston
  • Appearance of Life - (1976) - short story by Brian W. Aldiss
  • Starthinker 9 - (1976) - short story by Michael G. Coney
  • Waltz of the Bodysnatchers - (1976) - novelette by Bob Shaw
  • Travellers - (1976) - novelette by Robert Holdstock
  • Valley of the Bushes - (1976) - short story by Naomi Mitchison
  • An Infinite Summer - (1976) - novelette by Christopher Priest
  • Doll - (1976) - short story by Terry Greenhough
  • A Beast for Norn - (1976) - novelette by George R. R. Martin
  • The Giant Killers - (1976) - novelette by Andrew M. Stephenson
  • Seeing - (1976) - novelette by Harlan Ellison

Andromeda Breakthrough

Andromeda: Book 2

Fred Hoyle
John Elliot

From the dead constellation of Andromeda flashed continuously a long and intensely complicated message. Picked up during the testing of the world's most powerful radio-telescope, it proved to be a blueprint of a computer so advanced that it made all earth-built computers seem like children's counting beads and even produced a thinking, living human-being to interpret its needs. Could this be part of a fantastic plan to take over the earth?

Andromeda 2

Andromeda: Book 2

Peter Weston

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction - (1977) - essay by Peter Weston
  • King, Dragon - (1977) - short story by Tom Shippey
  • Agoraphobia, A.D. 2000 - (1977) - short story by Ian Watson
  • Crossing the Line - (1977) - novelette by Bob Shaw
  • Fidei Defensor - (1977) - short story by Michael Scott Rohan
  • Heritage - (1977) - short story by Scott Edelstein
  • A Small Event - (1977) - novelette by Robert Holdstock
  • By the Flicker of the One-Eyed Flame - (1977) - short story by William F. Wu
  • Three Into One, Recurring - (1977) - novelette by Robert J. M. Rickard
  • Accretion - (1977) - short story by David Langford
  • One Immortal Man - (1977) - novella by Richard E. Geis

Andromeda 3

Andromeda: Book 3

Peter Weston

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction - essay by Peter Weston
  • Not Absolute - novelette by Tom Shippey
  • Connections - short story by David Langford
  • Silver Paw - short story by William F. Wu
  • Brother Ape - novelette by David Redd
  • The Cremation - novelette by Christopher Priest
  • A Time-Span to Conjure With - short story by Ian Watson
  • Black Glass - novelette by Fritz Leiber
  • Wanderers and Travellers We Were - short story by Darrell Schweitzer
  • Flare Time - (1978) - novella by Larry Niven

Andromeda's Fall

Legion of the Damned Prequels: Book 1

William C. Dietz

Hundreds of years in the future, much has changed. Advances in medicine, technology, and science abound. Humanity has gone to the stars, found alien life, and established an empire. But some things never change...

All her life, Lady Catherine Carletto--Cat--has lived for the next party, the next lover, the next expensive toy. Until, in a bloodthirsty power grab, Imperial Princess Ophelia and her cadre of synth assassins murder her brother, the emperor, and go on to purge the galaxy of his friends and allies--including Cat's family.

Now Cat is on the run. And, like countless others before her, she finds sanctuary among the most dangerous of society's misfits--the Legion. Cat becomes Andromeda McKee: a woman with a mission--to bring down Empress Ophelia--or die trying.

Andromeda's Choice

Legion of the Damned Prequels: Book 2

William C. Dietz

In a different world, Lady Catherine "Cat" Carletto would never have left her pampered life behind. But when Princess Ophelia became Empress Ophelia in a coup that claimed the lives of the princess's brother and all who supported him, including the Carletto family, Cat had to hide--or die.

She became Legionnaire Andromeda McKee, and now she's a battle-scarred veteran who knows how to kill. And when she's summoned to Earth to receive the Imperial Order of Merit from the Empress herself, Andromeda realizes that the moment is coming when her revenge will be at hand...

Andromeda's War

Legion of the Damned Prequels: Book 3

William C. Dietz

Now a platoon leader, Legionnaire Andromeda McKee seems to have successfully left behind her true identity of Lady Catherine "Cat" Carletto, one of the last two surviving members of the Carletto family targeted for death by Empress Ophelia.

After failing at her one shot at vengeance, Andromeda had been questioning her own resolve. But now her uncle has been killed in a government raid back on Earth, leaving her as the last Carletto standing--and the family's only chance for justice…

A chance that comes when the empress's ship crashes on a hostile planet and Andromeda is assigned to head up the rescue mission. As a legionnaire, Andromeda McKee has countless kills under her belt. But when faced with her greatest enemy, it will be Cat Carletto who has to pull the trigger on the one who really matters…

Nexus Uprising

Mass Effect: Andromeda: Book 1

K. C. Alexander
Jason M. Hough

They slept for hundreds of years, dreaming of a new home in the Andromeda galaxy. When finally they awake, their dreams of peace are shattered. These colonists -- turian, salarian, asari, human, and more -- face an uncharted galaxy and threats beyond understanding.

The Nexus is the core from which the colonists will explore their new home. Yet even before the arks arrive, the massive space station sustains critical damage. The entire mission is placed in jeopardy, and security director Sloane Kelly must reassert order while racing to identify the nature of the threat that faces them.

If she fails, the Andromeda Initiative could crumble.


Mass Effect: Andromeda: Book 2

Mac Walters
N. K. Jemisin

An original novel written by Hugo Award-winning author N. K. Jemisin and Mass Effect creative director Mac Walters

Lieutenant Cora Harper joined the Systems Alliance to develop and enhance her powerful biotic talents. She was assigned to the asari commando unit Talein's Daughters, where she honed her abilities to become a skilled and deadly huntress.

Returning to Earth, Cora finds herself a stranger among other humans, and joins the Andromeda Initiative as Alec Ryder's second-in-command. The mission will send 100,000 colonists on a one-way, 600-year-long journey into the unknown. When essential--and dangerous--tech is stolen, Cora is assigned to recover it before it can be used against the Initiative, and end the mission before it can begin.