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Apex: Book 1

Aer-Ki Jyr

Author of the epic Star Force Origin series, Aer-ki Jyr's impressive galactic world-building is on full display in this stand-alone space opera adventure reminiscent of Ryk Brown, Christopher Nuttall, B.V. Larson, and Evan Currie.

A new dawn is coming.

It's been eons since Humans controlled the universe. Defeated by a mysterious enemy, the downfall of Humanity brought about a virtual dark age. Culture and technology stagnated in their absence. But now, trade is once again flourishing as Human artifacts resurface throughout the galaxy, resurrecting long forgotten advancements.

And one such discovery might very well alter the course of the future forever.

An epic space adventure, Aer-ki Jyr's APEX is a breathless race to the ultimate prize, with the very fate of the stars hanging in the balance.


Hunter: Book 3

Mercedes Lackey

Being a member of the Elite Hunter Command imperils Joy in more ways than one. In their latest clash with Othersiders, the army of monsters nearly wiped them out. Apex City is safe for now. But within the city barriers, Joy must wage a different kind of war.

The corrupt and powerful PsiCorps is determined to usurp the Hunters as chief defenders of Apex City and Joy is now squarely in their crosshairs. Unused to playing political games, she has very few people she can truly trust-not even Josh, her first friend in Apex City, who broke up with her when it became too dangerous for a Psimon to be dating a Hunter.

Then Josh comes to Joy for help. He fears that Abigail Drift, the head of PsiCorps, will soon use him in her twisted experiments designed to empower PsiCorps and render Hunters superfluous--a scheme that's already killed off dozens of Psimons. Joy manages to smuggle Josh to safety, but he cannot evade Drift forever

As Joy faces ever more powerful Othersiders, she is helped by the most surprising ally imaginable---the same Folk Mage she once met in battle on the train to Apex City. But can Joy trust the most cunning and treacherous of all Othersiders?

In the thrilling finale to Mercedes Lackey's #1 New York Times bestselling trilogy, Joy must risk everything to end a brutal war before she loses all she's ever loved.


Nexus 5: Book 3

Ramez Naam

Global unrest spreads as mass protests advance throughout the US and China, Nexus-upgraded riot police battle against upgraded protestors, and a once-dead scientist plans to take over the planet's electronic systems. The world has never experienced turmoil of this type, on this scale.They call them the Apex - humanity's replacement. They're smarter, faster, better. And infinitely more dangerous.

Humanity is dying. Long live the Apex.

The Apex Book of World SF 1

The Apex Book of World SF: Book 1

Lavie Tidhar

The world of speculative fiction is expansive; it covers more than one country, one continent, one culture. Collected here are sixteen stories penned by authors from Thailand, the Philippines, China, Israel, Pakistan, Serbia, Croatia, Malaysia, and other countries across the globe. Each one tells a tale breathtakingly vast and varied, whether caught in the ghosts of the past or entangled in a postmodern age.

Among the spirits, technology, and deep recesses of the human mind, stories abound. Kites sail to the stars, technology transcends physics, and wheels cry out in the night. Memories come and go like fading echoes and a train carries its passengers through more than simple space and time. Dark and bright, beautiful and haunting, the stories herein represent speculative fiction from a sampling of the finest authors from around the world.

Table of contents:

  • S.P. Somtow (Thailand) - "The Bird Catcher"
  • Jetse de Vries (Netherlands) - "Transcendence Express"
  • Guy Hasson (Israel) - "The Levantine Experiments"
  • Han Song (China) - "The Wheel of Samsara"
  • Kaaron Warren (Australia/Fiji) - "Ghost Jail"
  • Yang Ping (China) - "Wizard World"
  • Dean Francis Alfar (Phillippines) - "L'Aquilone du Estrellas (The Kite of Stars)"
  • Nir Yaniv (Israel) - "Cinderers"
  • Jamil Nasir (Palenstine) - "The Allah Stairs"
  • Tunku Halim (Malaysia) - "Biggest Baddest Bomoh"
  • Aliette de Bodard (France) - "The Lost Xuyan Bride"
  • Kristin Mandigma (Phillippines) - "Excerpt from a Letter by a Social-realist Aswang"
  • Aleksandar Žiljak (Croatia) - "An Evening In The City Coffehouse, With Lydia On My Mind"
  • Anil Menon (India) - "Into the Night"
  • Mélanie Fazi (France, translated by Christopher Priest) - "Elegy"
  • Zoran Živkovic (Serbia, translated by Alice Copple-Tošic) - "Compartments"

The Apex Book of World SF 2

The Apex Book of World SF: Book 2

Lavie Tidhar

In The Apex Book of World SF 2, editor Lavie Tidhar collects short stories by science fiction and fantasy authors from Africa and Latin America.

An expedition to an alien planet; Lenin rising from the dead; a superhero so secret he does not exist. In The Apex Book of World SF 2, World Fantasy Award nominated editor Lavie Tidhar brings together a unique collection of stories from around the world. Quiet horror from Cuba and Australia; surrealist fantasy from Russia and epic fantasy from Poland; near-future tales from Mexico and Finland, as well as cyberpunk from South Africa. In this anthology one gets a glimpse of the complex and fascinating world of genre fiction--from all over our world.

Featuring work from noted international authors such as Will Elliot, Hannu Rajaniemi, Shweta Narayan, Lauren Beukes, Ekaterina Sedia, Nnedi Okorafor, and Andrzej Sapkowski.

Table of contents

  • "Alternate Girl's Expatriate Life" by Rochita Loenen-Ruiz
  • "Mr. Goop" by Ivor W. Hartmann
  • "Trees of Bone" by Daliso Chaponda
  • "The First Peruvian in Space" by Daniel Salvo (translated by Jose B. Adolph)
  • "Eyes in the Vastness of Forever" by Gustavo Bondoni
  • "The Tomb" by Chen Qiufan (translated by the author)
  • "The Sound of Breaking Glass" by Joyce Chng
  • "A Single Year" by Csilla Kleinheincz (translated by the author)
  • "The Secret Origin of Spin-Man" by Andrew Drilon
  • "Borrowed Time" by Anabel Enríquez Piñeiro (translated by Daniel W. Koon)
  • "Branded" by Lauren Beukes
  • "December 8th" by Raúl Flores (translated by Daniel W. Koon)
  • "Hungry Man" by Will Elliott
  • "Nira and I" by Shweta Narayan
  • "Nothing Happened in 1999" by Fábio Fernandes
  • "Shadow" by Tade Thompson
  • "Shibuya no Love" by Hannu Rajaniemi
  • "Maquech" by Silvia Moreno-Garcia
  • "The Glory of the World" by Sergey Gerasimov
  • "The New Neighbours" by Tim Jones
  • "From the Lost Diary of TreeFrog7" by Nnedi Okorafor
  • "The Slows" by Gail Hareven (translated by Yaacov Jeffrey Green)
  • "Zombie Lenin" by Ekaterina Sedia
  • "Electric Sonalika" by Samit Basu
  • "The Malady" by Andrzej Sapkowski (translated by Wiesiek Powaga)
  • "A Life Made Possible Behind The Barricades" by Jacques Barcia

The Apex Book of World SF 3

The Apex Book of World SF: Book 3

Lavie Tidhar

These stories run the gamut from science fiction, to fantasy, to horror. Some are translations (from German, Chinese, French, Spanish, and Swedish), and some were written in English. The authors herein come from Asia and Europe, Africa and Latin America. Their stories are all wondrous and wonderful, and showcase the vitality and diversity that can be found in the field. They are a conversation, by voices that should be heart. And once again, editor Lavie Tidhar and Apex Publications are tremendously grateful for the opportunity to bring them to our readers.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction - Lavie Tidhar
  • Courtship in the Country of Machine-Gods - Benjanun Sriduangkaew (Thailand)
  • A Hundred Ghosts Parade Tonight - Xia Jia (China)
  • Act of Faith - Fadzilshah Johanabos (Malaysia)
  • The Foreigner - Uko Bendi Udo (Nigeria)
  • The City of Silence - Ma Boyong (China)
  • Planetfall - Athena Andreadis (Greece)
  • Jungle Fever - Zulaikha Nurain Mudzor (Malaysia)
  • To Follow the Waves - Amal El-Mohtar (Lebanon/Canada)
  • Ahuizotl - Nelly Geraldine García-Rosas (Mexico)
  • The Rare Earth - Biram Mboob (Gambia)
  • Spider's Nest - Myra Çakan (Germany)
  • Waiting with Mortals - Crystal Koo (Philippines)
  • Three Little Children - Ange (France)
  • Brita's Holiday Village - Karin Tidbeck (Sweden)
  • Regressions - Swapna Kishore (India)
  • Dancing on the Red Planet - Berit Ellingsen (Korea/Norway)

The Apex Book of World SF 4

The Apex Book of World SF: Book 4

Mahvesh Murad
Lavie Tidhar

Now firmly established as the benchmark anthology series of international speculative fiction, volume 4 of The Apex Book of World SF sees debut editor Mahvesh Murad bring fresh new eyes to her selection of stories.

From Spanish steampunk and Italian horror to Nigerian science fiction and subverted Japanese folktales, from love in the time of drones to teenagers at the end of the world, the stories in this volume showcase the best of contemporary speculative fiction, wherever it's written.


  • Kuzhali Manickavel -- Six Thing We Found During The Autopsy
  • Yukimi Ogawa -- In Her Head, In Her Eyes
  • Rocío Rincón Fernández -- The Lady of the Soler Colony (Translated from Spanish by James & Marian Womack.)
  • Chinelo Onwualu -- The Gift of Touch
  • Deepak Unnikrishnan -- Sarama
  • Elana Gomel -- The Farm
  • Saad Z. Hossain -- Djinns Live by the Sea
  • Haralambi Markov -- The Language of Knives
  • Nene Ormes -- The Good Matter (Translated from Swedish by Lisa J Isaksson and Nene Ormes.)
  • Samuel Marolla -- Black Tea (Translated from Italian by Andrew Tanzi.)
  • Prathibha Nadeeshani Dissanayake -- Jinki & the Paradox
  • Sese Yane -- The Corpse
  • Dilman Dila -- How My Father a Became God
  • Isabel Yap -- A Cup of Salt Tears
  • Swabir Silayi -- Colour Me Grey
  • Sabrina Huang -- Setting Up Home (Translated from Chinese by Jeremy Tiang.)
  • Vajra Chandrasekera -- Pockets Full of Stones
  • Zen Cho -- The Four Generations of Chang E
  • Tang Fei -- Pepe (Translated from Chinese by John Chu.)
  • Julie Novakova -- The Symphony of Ice and Dust
  • JY Yang -- Tiger Baby (c) 2013. First published in In The Belly of the Cat
  • Natalia Theodoridou -- The Eleven Holy Numbers of the Mechanical Soul
  • Thomas Olde Heuvelt -- The Boy Who Cast No Shadow (Translated from Dutch by Laura Vroomen.)
  • Shimon Adaf -- Like A Coin Entrusted in Faith (Translated from Hebrew by the Author.)
  • Usman T. Malik -- The Vaporization Enthalpy of a Peculiar Pakistani Family
  • Johann Thorsson -- First, Bite Just a Finger
  • Bernardo Fernández -- The Last Hours of The Final Days (Translated from the Spanish by author.)
  • Celeste Rita Baker -- Single Entry

The Apex Book of World SF 5

The Apex Book of World SF: Book 5

Lavie Tidhar
Cristina Jurado

The landmark anthology series of international speculative fiction returns with volume 5 of The Apex Book of World SF. Cris Jurado joins series editor Lavie Tidhar to highlight the best speculative fiction from around the world.

Cyberpunk from Spain, Singapore and Japan; mythology from Venezuela, Korea and First Nations; stories of the dead from Zimbabwe and Egypt, and space wonders from India, Germany and Bolivia. And much more. The fifth volume of the ground-breaking World SF anthology series reveals once more the uniquely international dimension of speculative fiction.

Table of Contents:

  • Vina Jie-Min Prasad (Singapore) -- "A Series of Steaks"
  • Daína Chaviano (Cuba, translated by Matthew D. Goodwin) -- "Accursed Lineage"
  • Darcie Little Badger (USA/Lipan Apache) -- "Nkásht íí"
  • T.L. Huchu (Zimbabwe) -- "Ghostalker"
  • Taiyo Fujii (Japan, translated by Matthew D. Goodwin) -- "Violation of the TrueNet Security Act"
  • Vandana Singh (India) -- "Ambiguity Machines: An Examination"
  • Basma Abdel Aziz (Egypt, translated by Elisabeth Jaquette) -- "Scenes from the Life of an Autocrat"
  • Liliana Colanzi (Bolivia, translated by Jessica Sequeira) -- "Our Dead World"
  • Bo-young Kim (South Korea, translated by Jihyun Park & Gord Sellar) -- "An Evolutionary Myth"
  • Israel Alonso (Spain, translated by Steve Redwood) -- "You Will See the Moon Rise"
  • Sara Saab (Lebanon) -- "The Barrette Girls"
  • Chi Hui (China, translated by John Chu) -- "The Calculations of Artificials"
  • Ana Hurtado (Venezuela) -- "El Cóndor del Machángara"
  • Karla Schmidt (Germany, translated by Lara M. Harmon) -- "Alone, on the Wind"
  • Eliza Victoria (Philippines) -- "The Seventh"
  • Tochi Onyebuchi (Nigeria/USA) -- "Screamers"
  • R.S.A. Garcia (Trinidad and Tobago) -- "The Bois"
  • Giovanni De Feo (Italy) -- "Ugo"