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Durarara!! 1

Durarara!!: Book 1

Ryohgo Narita

The Ikebukuro district in Tokyo is full of interesting people. A boy longing for the extraordinary. A hotheaded punk. An airheaded pseudo stalker. An information broker who works for kicks. An underground doctor who specializes in truly desperate patients. A high school student infatuated with a monster. And a headless rider on a pitch-black motorcycle. Their story may not be a heartwarming one, but as it turns out, even weirdos like these sometimes fall in love.

Durarara!! 2

Durarara!!: Book 2

Ryohgo Narita

Ikebukuro, Tokyo. A place where the clumsy and inept at love gather. A high school girl worried about her status. A third-rate magazine reporter covering the Ikebukuro beat. A teacher suspected of sexual harassment. A thug wearing a yellow bandanna, who is said to be toughest around. A young man who deals in all manner of sensitive information. And a headless rider on a coal-black motorcycle. As these individuals and more are drawn into a whirl of unlucky incidents, Ikebukuro itself will begin to crumble...!

Durarara!! 3

Durarara!!: Book 3

Ryohgo Narita

"Could you kill someone? Working as an information broker in Shinjuku, just toying with all those people... But could you, Izaya Orihara, kill someone? Directly, by your own hand? Not stabbing someone with your knife just right to keep them from dying while you keep dodging the question, I mean. Well, whatever... In the end, you're the kind of guy who uses other people to do your dirty work. You're hilariously cowardly."

Tokyo, Ikebukuro. Loads of baggage from the past are starting to turn up: A boss trying to escape the past. A pair of high school girls with consciences. A boy unaware of his friend's feelings for him. A man planning a takeover. A boy who uses information to manipulate others. And a headless rider on a pitch-black motorcycle--all headed on a collision course that will decide who will overcome their past and who will become nothing more than a memory...

Durarara!! 4

Durarara!!: Book 4

Ryohgo Narita

"Do you enjoy being the Black Rider who's been spotted all over Ikebukuro over the past few years now? Why is it that you're riding such a dangerous bike all over the place? Are you aware that you're violating the law?!"

Ikebukuro, Tokyo. A place full of fires waiting to be lit and plenty of people ready to light a match: Twins who are the perfect opposite of each other. An idol who's nothing like her older brother. A girl with a crush on her senior in the Dollars. And a headless rider with a bounty on her...uh, head. Keeping the peace is probably not gonna happen.

Durarara!! 5

Durarara!!: Book 5

Ryohgo Narita

Ikebukuro, Tokyo. All kinds of people are showing up to settle their scores with Izaya Orihara the information broker. A pair of foreigners who specialize in odd jobs. A runaway girl still looking for her Shizuo. A fellow dressed like a bartender who looks like he's had better days. A womanizer set on getting his revenge against the Dollars. An underground doctor waiting for someone to come home. A class representative with a clueless classmate pal and a target on his back. And a headless rider who can't help getting sucked into trouble. Question is, is this spring break something special, or is this just business as usual in Ikebukuro?

Durarara!! 6

Durarara!!: Book 6

Ryohgo Narita

After being framed by Izaya and forced to become fugitive on the run, Shizuo. Forced to rethink his position and circumstances, Mikado. Only now realizing the predicaments of his friends, Masaomi. Unaware of everything going on as she flees her house, Anri. Events going far beyond anything she could have imagined, Akane. Unable to conceal her excitement at coming into contact with the Black Rider, a girl. Continuing to wait anxiously at home, Shinra. Scheming so everything goes his way, Aoba. Working towards enacting his revenge on the Dollars, Chikage. And lastly, the person who will save the Headless Rider is--Ikebukuro is warping again today in the next installment of Durarara!!

Durarara!! 7

Durarara!!: Book 7

Ryohgo Narita

"I'm not doing anything. All the Dollars did that together..."

The holiday isn't over yet. The day after Izaya was stabbed, the scars of the recent incident are still fresh on the city. A pair of classmates wander the town together. A sister keeps an eye on the girl hanging around her brother. A girl tries to strengthen herself to kill the strongest man in town. A set of mischievous twins don't bother to care about their brother. A Russian woman mourns her future. A yakuza clings to his past. A doctor who travels to enjoy his holiday with a recently-relaxed headless dullahan... Ikebukuro is going to be busy!

Durarara!! 8

Durarara!!: Book 8

Ryohgo Narita

The Trio that Hopes to be Together Again Couldn't be Further Apart...

When Ikebukuro's underground is set on a collision course, no one is safe. Dollars co-founder, Mikado Ryuugamine, continues his lonely struggle to purge his group of undesirables. Former Yellow Scarves feader, Masaomi Kida, returns to the city to make amends for his past. The owner of the cursed blade Saika, Anri Sonohara, seeks the truth from the two boys who keep leaving her in the dark. The three of them used to be the most important parts of one another's lives, but now their secrets keep them seperated. With a cetain information broker whispering in Mikado's ear, will their friendship survive the color gangs' struggles? Ikebukuro is going to be busy!

Durarara!! 9

Durarara!!: Book 9

Ryohgo Narita

A twisted love for humanity...

Izaya Orihara is used to getting his hands dirty, manipulating others for his so-called "love". While working with the Awakusu-kai to locate a group distributing drugs, the information broker finds himself trapped in a dark room with a burlap sack over his head. As with all things Izaya, one of the several reasons for his current predicament can be traced to his youth. Meanwhile, Shinra opens up to Celty about his time in middle school with Izaya and the boy's connection to his scar. Through all the chaos, does Izaya really have everything under control in Ikebukuro?

Durarara!! 10

Durarara!!: Book 10

Ryohgo Narita

If your're seeking the extraordinary, be careful what you wish for...

The Dollars and their associates have been disappearing one after the other-but why? Maybe it's connected to the former best friends-though thery're still thinking of each other, they have gone their separate ways, due to their conflicting beliefs. Maybe the fault lies with scheming adults: the Awakusu-kai, the black market dealers, and the information broker. Or maybe it's because of the accident that left one of the bravest Dollars members in critical condition.

Durarara!! 11

Durarara!!: Book 11

Ryohgo Narita

"Mikado Ryuugamine and Masaomi Kida are engaging in this meaningless rope crossing. So I wonder, how will they react if I light both ends of the rope on fire?"

With the Chaos amoung the city's color gangs at a high, the Dollars are in disarray. Yumasaki and Togusa worry over Kadota, who is still hospitalized, Mika and Seiji continue to act like lovebirds, Namie is in danger of being abducted, and Shinra remains stuck at home, resting in his living room amid the disorder. Meanwhile, Anri travels to the hospital to visit Kadota and has an unexpected encounter with the mischievous information broker, who forces her to examine her humanity and the troubling question of whether she really is nothing more than a monster. And when Celty's head is thrown into a busy crowd, there's no saving the inhabitants of Ikebukuro from their shock! Will Celty render judgement on those who stole her head...?

Durarara!! 12

Durarara!!: Book 12

Ryohgo Narita

Can a monster protect anyone?

Ikebukuro is falling apart. Kujiragi uses Saika to subjugate Shinra, and when the Headless Rider witnesses this, the dullahan becomes a true monster. Masaomi's old enemy Ran Izumii reappears and attacks him. Meanwhile, Saki visits Anri to find out how she feels about Masaomi. Kadota disappears from his hospital room, Celty's head is in someone else's hands, and Shizuo finally comes face-to-face with the one he hates the most... In the midst of all the chaos, what kind of power has Mikado seized-and how does he intend to use it?

Durarara!! 13

Durarara!!: Book 13

Ryohgo Narita

As shadow envelops the city, all hell's about to break loose.

The chaos of Ikebukuro, Tokyo, has ensnared everyone who lives there, and all the people connected to the Headless Rider are about to come together. Two boys who used to stand side by side as close friends now face each other, at an impasse. Two men who have been at each other's throats for years are likely to kill each other in their rage. The girl who once felt trapped beyond the picture frame is desperate to be accepted. The odd couple who could have been happy now find their love tested. And through it all, the dullahan resumes its true form. As everyone gathers in the place where the Dollars first met, the curtain will fall on this twisted love story.

Durarara!! SH, Vol. 1

Durarara!! SH: Book 1

Ryohgo Narita

In the sequel series to the urban fantasy Durarara!!, Yahiro Mizuchi has come to Tokyo in the hopes of starting a new life (and maybe seeing the Headless Rider), but the famous Dullahan hasn't been seen in half a year-and neither has anyone who's gone to find her!

Durarara!! SH, Vol. 2

Durarara!! SH: Book 2

Ryohgo Narita

A year and a half after the end of the Dollars, things are heating up in Ikebukuro again. Between the Headless Rider's return amid rumors of kidnappings, and the Raira freshman who can go toe-to-toe with Shizuo Heiwajima, it's never a dull moment in the city!

Durarara!! SH, Vol. 3

Durarara!! SH: Book 3

Ryohgo Narita

A year and a half after the disbandment of the Dollars, the streets of Ikebukuro are plagued by a series of assaults. And the person behind the attacks is... a character from an anime set in Ikebukuro?! Meanwhile, Yahiro and company set out to stop the Ikebukuro crime spree at the behest of Walker and Erika. And as the incident escalates, the Headless Rider can't help but be reminded of the incident involving a certain slasher...

Durarara!! SH, Vol. 4

Durarara!! SH: Book 4

Ryohgo Narita

A year and a half after the fall of the Dollars, the trio from Raira Academy pay a visit to Anri and her new antique shop in Ikebukuro. Shortly after a certain someone pressures her to sell them Saika, her business is ransacked. But when Celty gets a tip about Anri and rushes over to her shop, she comes face to face with Akabayashi and others involved with the blade. What further secrets does this cursed weapon keep...?