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Midshipman's Hope

Seafort Saga: Book 1

David Feintuch

A hideous accident kills the senior officer of UNS Hibernia, leaving a terrified young officer with the daunting taskof saving 300 colonists and crew aboard a damaged ship, on a 17-month gauntlet to reach Hope Nation. With no chance of rescue, Nicholas Seafort must overcome despair and exhaution, malfunctions and mutiny, in the name of duty.

Challenger's Hope

Seafort Saga: Book 2

David Feintuch

In the aftermath of an alien attack and an admiral's traitorous desertion, Commander Nicholas Seafort is left in charge of a doomed ship that carries arrogant colonists, violent street children, and dwindling supplies.

Prisoner's Hope

Seafort Saga: Book 3

David Feintuch

Recovering from injuries at Hope Station, Captain Nicholas Seafort is appointed liaison to the wealthy planters of the verdant colony planet and finds himself called upon to halt a revolution and rally his people against alien invaders.

Fisherman's Hope

Seafort Saga: Book 4

David Feintuch

The fourth and final installment of the Hope Nation science-fiction yarn finds Nick Seafort, Commandant of the UN Naval Academy, in charge of Earth's defenses against the alien invasion that will seal his fate.

Voices of Hope

Seafort Saga: Book 5

David Feintuch

In the fourth book in the popular Seafort Saga, the world-renowned Nicholas Seafort is called from his retirement from the U.N. Navy to defend the indigent "trannies" of New York City from an inhuman plan.

Patriarch's Hope

Seafort Saga: Book 6

David Feintuch

He has piloted crippled starships, battled inhuman invaders, faced down a violent revolution to save his only child. Now Nicholas Seafort opposes a challenge more terrifying than all the dangers of the deadly night....PATRIARCH'S HOPE.

A tense, thrilling new novel marks the long-awaited return to the Seafort Saga by David Fientuch, recipient of the prestigious John W. Campbell Award. PATRIARCH'S HOPE is the most extraordinary chapter yet in the life story of a hero obsessed with a merciless sense of honor and faith; a man tortured by guilt over the actions that duty demands of him.....

U.N. SecGen Nicholas Seafort is the most powerful man on Earth. And although his battles are of words and politics - the colonies vs. the Church Patriarchs; his beloved Navy's funding vs. the despised Enviro lobby - Seafort remains a strict, uncompromising, driven man who keeps his own counsel and walks alone.

Until the night a terrorists bomb rips his life apart....

Even as the Senate and the Navy demand that Seafort declare martial law, Seafort's son, Philip, confronts his father with the results of his stubborn course.

Seafort has fought to protect humanity by diverting resources to ever larger, more heavily armed starships - while global ecological collapse has turned Earth into a horror of barren, ravaged countryside and toxic swamps.

But even as Seafort turns his attention to this growing calamity, he's faced with a coup d'etat - an orbital assault on Earth that threatens the future of mankind.

Now, unarmed, with only civilians and children at his side, Nicholas Seafort is going to war to save Earth form the enmies within. And this time, the cost will be higher than even Seafort's iron can bear.

Children of Hope

Seafort Saga: Book 7

David Feintuch

Captain Nicholas Seafort survived alien wars, rebellions, and chaos on Earth, but now, in the gripping seventh novel of the award-winning Seafort Saga, he may finally lose his life-to vengeance...