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High Couch of Silistra

Silistra: Book 1

Janet Morris

"We are all bound," is the great truth of Silistra: Bound by biological necessity and genetics, the men and women of Silistra struggle to sort Nature from Nurture--where Nature always wins.

Welcome to Silistra, a glimpse of a far distant future wherein a civilization proclaims the greatest feat an individual can perform is to produce one child, yet distrusts the sciences that brought them to the verge of extinction. Here women and men coexist uneasily in a society ravaged by war, technology, and infertility, each vying for power, seeking dominion over one another.

Be warned, if your tastes run to simplistic plots, throbbing organs, swooning damsels or kick-boxing women in men's armor, Silistra may be too challenging. Misogynists, misanthropes, misandrists, or fans of political diatribe, this is not the book for you.

High Couch of Silistra, first of the notorious Silistra Quartet, brings us to a realm where thought alters probability, where creativity is inextricably linked to the urge to own and dominate, and where the universe itself is amenable to a focused mind. Rooted deeply in humanity's mythic past yet unaware of the planet Earth, High Couch of Silistra begins one woman's quest for self-knowledge--with surprising results.

The Golden Sword

Silistra: Book 2

Janet Morris

The battle of the sexes is never over...

Biology rules reality...

She had the power to create planets. The sixty carved bones of the Yris-tera foretold her ancient fate. Her heritage of power took her beyond time and space and stole from her the one man she loved.

Enslaved on the planet Silistra tomorrow's most beautiful courtesan unleashes the powers of the gods.

ON A PLANET DESPERATE FOR POPULATION, WOMEN HOLD THE KEYS TO POWER. But power brings enemies. Estri, holder of Silistra's highest office, never suspected the intrigues moving against her... until her rivals attacked. Her betrayal toppled more than a single well-Keepress. Estri's enemies threatened all of Silistra. Their plan: to reveal the planet's precious secret secret of extending life in exchange for off-world technology -- the technology which decimated Silistra's population long ago.

Wind from the Abyss

Silistra: Book 3

Janet Morris

Epic fantasy, social science fiction, heroic fantasy. allegorical fantasy.Wind from the Abyss is the third volume in Janet Morris' classic Silistra Quartet, continuing one woman's quest for self-realization in a distant tomorrow.

Aristocrat. Outcast. Picara. Slave. Ruler. She is descended from the masters of the universe. To hold her he challenges the gods themselves.

The Carnelian Throne

Silistra: Book 4

Janet Morris

Estri is a daughter of light. Chayin is a son of darkness.Sereth is 'hase-enor,' son of all flesh.Lovers and friends, could they be the prophesied three who would wield the Sword of Severance, Se'Keroth, and bring light out of darkness?