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The Sea People

The Intergalactic League: Book 1

Adam Lukens

The Science Department has kidnapped Ria Faradey, a powerful, infinite-distance telepath. For the Scientists and their Machines, it's a quantum leap forward in genetics and technology. For the Intergalactic League, it's a disturbing power grab within its ranks. But for the girl's family, it's a devastating loss.

For Spaceman Dick MacCaishe, permanently crippled in the line of duty and discharged from the service, it means a renewal of purpose and clarity. His cousin Ria had shown him kindness that drew him from despair, and mercy that gave him a new life when his old one was forfeit. Dick MacCaishe has no intention of leaving her in the hands of the Scientists and their unfeeling Machines.

For Leader Himu, amphibious alien humanoid and Guardian of Skywash, Ria is the one voice that drew from despair following the death of his wife and children. He will pay any price to secure her freedom. To save Ria and defeat the Science Department, Leader must face the Great Ancestors of his people in the unfathomable Deeps and awaken a force that will alter the Intergalactic League forever.

Conquest of Life

The Intergalactic League: Book 2

Adam Lukens

Jievette Carpenter, heiress from the star colonies. Widowed survivor of year-long captivity by savage alien humanoids.

Kris-4, a reclaimed man. Immortal. Enslaved in body and mind by the immortality process.

The Playmates, the hedonistic social elite of Earth.

The Body Salvage Company is the number one producer of reclaimed men-dead who have been preserved and reprogrammed. Their products never sicken or age. They never grow old. And they never again die. They are the once-human slaves of the Playmates.

When Jievette inherits Kris-4 as part of her aunt's estate, she determines to help him regain his own mind and his own freedom. She's prepared to defy the power of the Playmates to save him.

Perhaps if she can heal his spirit, she can begin to repair her own fractured soul.